Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Royal Trouble

Recently, I wanted to play an adventure game, so I went to Big Fish Games.  They have literally hundreds of adventure games available for purchase, but when I hovered my mouse over any of their top ten games, I discovered a disturbing fact:

They're all hidden object games, pretending to be adventure games.

Sneaky hidden object games, trying to fool unsuspecting consumers!  Well, I'm not falling for your dirty tricks.  After playing through four different game trials, my hidden object finding skills were so finely tuned that I was able to find one of the few real adventure games on the list.  The game was Royal Trouble, an adventure game which appears to be from Poland, and I'm going to review it for you today.


Royal Trouble stars the beautiful Princess Loreen, and the dashing Prince Nathaniel Hoover.  I mean, Prince Nathaniel.  He is very talented, she is very assertive, and even though they argue a lot, it's obvious that the two of them are going to fall in love as the game progresses.  The plot is that the two of them have been thrown into a dungeon for some unknown reason, and they have to work together to escape the dungeon/castle.

Whenever you switch between the two characters, there is a brief cutscene. There are about twenty cutscenes in all.  These cutscenes usually consist of one picture, complete with a cheesy narrator who details the action.  The narrator is either going to amuse you, or annoy you to no end.  I personally found him amusing, after I got used to him.

The main part of the game is not the plot, but the puzzles.  The game takes about two to three hours, depending on how good you are at adventure games.  90% of the gameplay is solving puzzles, and about 75% of the puzzles are adventure game puzzles, the others being things like matching puzzles.  The game is basically puzzle after puzzle after puzzle, for three hours.  I loved it.  Puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle.


I'm not sure what else to say about this game.  It's an adventure game with a solid block of puzzles, and an amusing-enough plotline. There are minor complaints I could make, such as the fact that the claymation-based illustrations strike me as kind of odd, or the fact that Princess Loreen shows far too much cleavage, but I'm willing to overlook those flaws and simply accept this as a lighthearted, well-done independent game from Eastern Europe.


3D###Boy said...

I like those games. I have hundred of them in my computer! I will download the torrent of the game and see how it is.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing the demo of this awhile back when I was bored and really enjoying it. I'm not a big fan of hidden objects games as I usually just get annoyed with them, due to their pointless nature. (In my opinion anyways)

I completely agree about the narrator, plus I too loved the puzzles. More logic than simply finding things in a picture = :D

Lynniepoo87 said...

I really loved this game! I bought it off of Big Fish too.

Donita said...

I bought 90% of my Nancy Drew from Big Fish – I often wait for one of their sale days and then stock up. I also have the Dream Chronicles series – essentially hidden object but with very elaborate art nouveau settings and an engaging if silly story about an evil fairy kidnapping various members of a family. Maybe I am swayed by the look of a game more than you? I also have a very cute game by Amanita design called Samorost 2 – Czeck for driftwood. Basically; man lives on planet with dog, aliens dognap dog, man sets out to get him back. My 5 year old nephew loves it, but it’s an exercise in creative thinking and hand eye coordination to complete the game. Some of it’s quite tough. You can play Samorost 1 and the first half of Samorost 2 free online through amanita design (I think it’s cheaper here for the full version). Lastly, Rhiannon – curse of the four branches; you are house-sitting in an atmospheric Welsh farmhouse. A lot of finding, combining and using objects for the purposed of magical spells, designed to break the curse. I just like wondering around the farmhouse and outbuildings with the birds singing and the sun shining. There are no other characters, but there is evidence of people who have lived there in the past all around. Some of the cutscenes and special effects are very reminiscent of cult British TV series from the 70’s and although they can make you jump, they are also quite funny. I believe Johnathan Boakes was involved in this project and the other games I have of his are The Lost Crown, Barrow Hill, and Dark Fall, Lights out. In all of them the graphics are visually unusual, the story quite involved, and the game play is very atmospheric and spooky, but not overtly violent. If you try them please let me know how you liked them. Also thank you for your methodical and instructive walkthroughs. I am pleased to report that I can now do Sudoku, Nonagrams and Renograms. Before, I knew the rules, but it was the strategy which eluded me. Watching you, it all made sense.

Jayc said...

Ona rate of 1 to 10 how was it? Do you think you're ever going to do a tutorial on it?

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