Monday, May 2, 2011

Round Two, Game Two

I went to the San Jose Sharks game yesterday.  I know this is my third blog post about them in the span of a week, but hey, they're doing well in the playoffs this year!  Most people around here are excited.

Round Two has officially begun, and the Sharks are playing the Detroit Red Wings. To my surprise, it has been a very low scoring series.  The Sharks have won both games so far at the score of 2 to 1, in contrast to the previous series where there were scores along the lines of 6 to 5.

The calls that the referees made were sketchy, at best. In the first period, they only called penalties for high sticking and roughing. The players took advantage of this, and they did things like slashing and cross-checking. Those are normally penalties, but none of them were called.

In the second period, the refs started calling a lot of penalties, including a few things that weren't.  By this time, the two teams were furious with each other, and they wanted to punch each other like maniacs.  There actually were some punches, as well as violent pushing and shoving, but nothing that would count as a full-blown fight actually occurred.

All in all, there were fifteen penalties, which added up to a grand total of forty minutes of penalty time allotted.  Keep in mind, the game is only sixty minutes long.  That's enough penalties to take up two-thirds of the game.  All in all, the penalties only took up fifteen minutes of real time (because multiple people had penalties at the same time), but still.  The game was crazy, when it came to penalties.

Eventually, the Sharks won the game, although at the end, they were playing worse than usual.  You could tell that their game plan in the last ten minutes was "don't lose", instead of "let's win".

Right now, the Sharks have won the first two games of the best of four series. Let's hope they can continue to play well against Detroit.

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