Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Professor Layton 2: European VS American

My latest video walkthrough is for Professor Layton 2, the game where he rides on a train and has a sword fight against a vampire.

I have just started the walkthrough, and I have already received several complaints from British people who think the American voice for Luke is "utter rubbish", which is "not cricket".  I don't see what insects have to do with anything, but I decided to make a video, comparing the European and American versions of the game.

Discussion Questions:
  • Why does British Luke sound like someone is holding his nose shut?
  • Why did they get cut out all references to Pandora's Box in the American version?


Violet said...

I like the American version better. The British one sounds exaggerated too much.

Justin said...

Obviously, the answer to one is that all english people have people going around holding their noses for them so the voice is an accurate portrayal. secondly, the company that produced the game knows that the americans who are playing the game will most likely not know what in the world pandora's box is, so why include it in the game in the first place? they will definitely get confused and not like the game as much and makes references to objects they know absolutely nothing about...

Airam said...

I really agree with Justin, oh and one more thing, Please finish your walk through no matter WHAT people say. (people are just silly)

Miriam said...

Ooh, I actually played this game! It made me cry :P
I could've used your help while I was playing it a few times haha. My sister helped though :)

3D###Boy said...

Maybe, the one who was playing Luke voice have problems with his