Saturday, May 7, 2011

Next Video Walkthrough

Judging from yesterday's poll, the top DS games people want to see me play are...
  1. Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks
  2. Phoenix Wright 3
  3. Professor Layton 2
  4. Super Princess Peach
Thanks to these results, I have determined two things:
  1. People vote in alphabetical order.
  2. Not many people like Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Time Hollow.
The Hardy Boys beat out Phoenix by one vote, Phoenix beat out Layton by one vote, and Layton beat out Princess Peach by two votes.

So here's my official decision!  Things are going on behind the scenes for my Phoenix Wright walkthroughs at the moment, so Phoenix Wright 3 is out. Hardy Boys it is, I guess!  I still want to do Super Princess Peach, though.  Not the whole game, because it's longish and rather boring, but just the first world, so I can show people what its wacky control scheme is like.  For example, one of the ways the Princess' special moves is "cry like a maniac".


3D###Boy said...

Yay! Hardy Boys wins!!
Cool! Why I don't try to make too a game and people make a walktrought about it!

Sparksbet said...

Wait, what's going on behind the scenes for Phoenix Wright?

Karen said...

I can't to watch it, perhapes I well play along with the walkthrough!

Violet said...

You should blog about your review for... let's say, Hannah Montana Forever finale! (I haven't watched Hannah Montana since I was 8.)

Anonymous said...
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3D###Boy said...

I see Hanna Montana Forever all episodes about 2000 Times!!!!!
I like Hannah Montana but not so much that I like Good Luck Charlie from Disney Channel Romania!!! 8-))