Thursday, May 26, 2011

Must-Buy 3DS Games

I've had a hard time getting excited about the 3DS system.  I can't think of any 3DS games that I really want to play.  Then again, I only know about four 3DS titles.

So to give the 3DS a chance, I read through the entire list of 3DS games this week.  About 25% of them have "3D" somewhere in the title.  The titles that I have an interesting in purchasing are these:
  1. Phoenix Wright VS Professor Layton
  2. Paper Mario 3D
  3. The newest Disney animated movie, Tangled
That's it. It looks like none of them will come out this year, so I'm going to hold off on buying a 3DS for the time being.

Discussion Question: Does this mean I am a horrible gamer?


Anonymous said...

No, it just means you're a wise one!

Philip said...

You are absolutely right Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Question- How is PAPER mario 3D?

Karen said...

Not to me you are not a bad gamer. One big reason that I don't have one and not geeting it right now is the price of the system.

Airam said...

No, it's called being wise with your money.

3D###Boy said...

I agree with Anonymous, Karen, Philip and Airam. You are just like me. Excited to buy every game possible and play it.
But my defect is that I like to play hours on computer......... uh... . But now, that my grade was 5 in tease a Romanian language( Our primary language) My parents restrict my time on computer.

Ok, I didn't stay 10-5 hours per day, when I have schol, I only play on Friday, Saturday ,and a little bit Sunday. I usually play 2-half3 hours per day. Now, they restricted me to 1 hour. ;(( ( ling a lot of tears)