Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Newsletter

The May Newsletter of the Nancy Drew company has been released, and it has all sorts of information!

  • Going on right now, they're having a memorial weekend sale. The special editions of Shadow at the Water's Edge and Trail of the Twister are abailable for purchase.
  • They released a new trailer for the upcoming game: Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse.  Preorders start June 1, and you can visit their product page for a few new pictures.
  • The next trailer for The Captive Curse will be released on June 1.
  • Their two most recent Nancy Drew computer games both won awards. All right!
  • The company has added a new CEO: Stuart Moulder.  The old CEO, Megan Gaiser, will still remain with the company, though.


3D###Boy said...

I get it Too! I think we two are the most lucky guys from here, don't ya think? I think I will pre-order the Captive Curse and I will order Shadow at Waters Edge too. Only if I-.... Nevermind. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

yay cant wait ofr june 1st!

Kira said...

I'm not buying CAP (ghosts in SHA were enough for me!) but I'll still be watching the new trailer that comes out this Wednesday. And Michael, since I'm not buying the game, I'll be watching your full walkthrough for it. :-)

3D###Boy said...

Hey Kira! I know you will don't agree with his but why don't you download the game as a torrent from pirates bay using Bitcomet. I know it sounds illegal, but is not illegal if you download it just to pay it, not to sell it.
Just and Idea. You can ignore it if you want.

Janie said...

I thought it was really cool that Her had a female CEO though...