Friday, May 27, 2011

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

I'm still interested in the upcoming remake of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the previews I've read about this game are driving me crazy.

First, the previews annoyed me with their talk about how the remake has "new and original" graphics, when in reality, the graphics are "same as the old ones, but updated".  There's nothing wrong with updating the graphics, but to pretend that the graphics are wholly original is simply ridiculous.

Now, previews for the remake are annoying me, because they have big SPOILER ALERT warnings on them.  These spoilers usually consist of obvious information like "Princess Zelda is in this game".  Uh oh, huge surprise!  Zelda is a character in a Zelda game!

Spoiler alerts?  Seriously?  The original game came out thirteen years ago.  I think enough time has passed now.  In fact, I'm declaring this an official rule: there should be no more unnecessary spoiler alerts for this game.

...Sorry to be a spoilsport about this.


Anonymous said...

1. I agree. I think it's extremely rare to find a gamer that isn't aware of the plotline for Ocarina of Time. Spoiler alerts seem kind of silly at this point.
2. Thirteen years? Really? Man do I feel old....

Anonymous said...

Me: Oh cool a new mario game is coming out! (Plays video)
Video: The new mario game takes you on an epic adventure with mario luigi and yoshi, as you run, climb, jump, shrink, and grow! Spiler Alert: Peach gets kidnapped!
Me: Thanks Sherlock!

xxZeldaFreakxx said...

Yea I agree, Zelda in a ZELDA game is not a spoiler. A spoiler would be if it told you that Ganondork is now going to take over Termina.

3D###Boy said...

Everybody the new NewsLetter from HerInteractive come today to me, Michael, and others who have subscribed for it! COOL!

Anonymous said...

Could you please make a walkthrough for Syberia? It's an ok game all in all.