Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Which I Discuss the New Trailer in Far Too Much Detail

Welcome to another edition of In Which I Discuss the New Trailer in Far Too Much Detail, the column where I dissect trailers like nobody's business.  Today, we're discussing the newest trailer for Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse.

First, we have the standard title screens.  You can hear a crow calling in the background of one of them.  I'm thinking that this is a standard "spooky" sound effect, as opposed to there being actual crows in the game.  I could be wrong, because there appear to be a few forest scenes.

The first shot is of a castle gate.  It reminds of the gate in Disney's Robin Hood, at the very end where everyone has to escape from the castle, only the gate comes crashing down and some people are trapped inside.  It seems similar to the gate from Nancy Drew: Haunting of Castle Malloy, except this one actually has a physical gate that can come crashing down.

Second: generic spooky forest scene. Like all the other shots in this preview, it is in black and white.  The voiceover talks about this being the remote German countryside, where a legendary monster was born.

Third: A girl is in the forest, kneeling down. It looks like she is placing something at the foot of a tree.  A crow caws again, and the girl suddenly looks up, startled.  She looks to the right and gasps, then she gets up and runs away.  As she does so, she loses her grip on her wooden handbasket.  Something inside the basket, which is circular and sort of looks like a potato, flies out of the basket as the basket goes falling.

The question I have here is, "Who is this German girl?"  So far, it seems that we have two German girls in this game, both of whom are wearing traditional German clothing.  The first is the blonde girl from the cover of the game, and the second is the dark-haired girl in a picture on the game page.  The girl in the trailer is wearing a cloth on her head, plus it's in black and white, so it's hard to tell which girl she's supposed to be.  Also, their clothing is similar.

I think it's the blonde girl from the game cover.  On the game cover, blonde girl is running through the forest, and that's exactly what the girl does here.  We have two shots of her running away: a close-up, and one from the point of view of whatever is chasing her.

In the next shot, the girl reaches the castle gate.  Only now, it's closed!  She hits it, uselessly, then screams as something pulls her backwards.  Fade to black.

Okay, so that's it for the trailer.  I'm going to guess that in the actual game itself, Nancy will learn about this legendary monster (which most people are guessing is a werewolf) and start asking questions about it.  Brunette girl will then tell Nancy the spooky story of the first time the monster ever attacked someone.  It was about a hundred years ago, when her blonde great-great-grandmother was wandering in the woods late at night.  And the scenes in this trailer will play, while the story is being told.

The next trailer is being released...tomorrow!


Kira said...

Awwww, I was inclined to think that the monster was a VAMPIRE. For some reason, that just makes things seem much more scarier. :-)

3D###Boy said...

If you open the present before is your birthday it will never be a surprise. I don't like the idea of a vampire cuz im not scared of vampires. I dream that I was in a room and a vampire attacked me, but I defeat him very easy. I think the monster will be something very very horrible that you can't imagine!

3D###Boy said...

OUCH,GUYS! Today in Romania is !st JUNE! YAY! But the traile didn't come. Ahhhh! (Crying out loud- COL)

3D###Boy said...

Sooooo.............. When will the Official trailer of ND- The Captive Curse will be released?

3D###Boy said...


3D###Boy said...


Come Nancy Come Nancy COOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the monster is actually a zombie. But this monster is very different it only attacks women.

Anonymous said...

I think the monster will be something very wierd or jack the ripper in monster version cause it only atacks women

Anonymous said...

@Kira GHOSTS ARE SCARIER!! I couldn't sleep last week 'cause I saw a ghost movie with my mummy.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I don't really know what ur talking about, Michael!!! D: