Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cell Phone Watches

If you watch old TV shows, where people predict what technology is like in the future, most of them predict that we'll have cell phones inside our watches.  Dick Tracy uses his watch to talk to the police.  Videl from DragonBall Z has the same kind of watch.  Even Inspector Gadget had a cell phone watch!

So why don't we have cell phone watches yet?  I think the closest thing we have are those earpiece things.  You know, the Blue Tooth whatchamacallits, which cause everyone to think you're crazy because they make it look like you're walking down the street, talking to yourself.

The best part about a cell phone watch is that you never have to charge it, whereas you constantly have to charge a cell phone. I would totally buy one, just for that feature, even if it doesn't have texting or internet connection.

Speaking of future technology that old TV shows predicted, does anyone remember the Simpsons episode Lisa's Wedding, from 1995? In their version of the future, people didn't have phones at all.  Instead, they do video chats through their flatscreen TV screens.  They had similar future videochat technology in DragonBall Z and Back to the Future.

Is it possible for people to do Skype videochats through their TVs?  My TV is older than I am, so I wouldn't know.


Libby said...

That would be really awesome!

Monica said...

I would totally buy one of those watches.
If people could talk through their televisions I would think that they would have a webcam attached to it, plus it would have to be somehow hooked up on the computer.

Alex said...

My cousins computer monitors ARE T.V. screens, so yes, they would simply have to add a webcam to it.

3D###Boy said...

A cell phone watch! Cool!! I love the idea. My cell phone, Nokia x3 touch and type, is good but when I am playing on it after 10 min my batery says that I lose one, I dont know what it is, but I don't like so mu7ch my cell phone. So complicated! The best part at cell phone watches are that they are very simple and very useful!

Anonymous said...

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