Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Player

I recently had the opportunity to watch Best Player, a made-for-TV movie about videogames, starring the supporting actors from the show iCarly.  I want to use a cheesy line to describe it, like "This movie gets a high score from me!", but for the sake of my readers, I won't do so.

Best Player stars Jerry Trainor as "Q", a loser who lives in his parents' basement and plays videogames all day long.  Eventually, his parents get tired of their son being a deadbeat, so they decide to move to Florida.  Now our hero has to win the $175,000 grand prize in a gaming tournament, so he can buy the house from his parents. After all, he doesn't want to lose his awesome gaming setup in the basement.

Personally, I thought this was a funny twist.  Usually in sports movies, the hero has a good reason for needing to win the tournament.  Happy Gilmore has to get the money to save Grandma's house.  The Dodgeball crew need to save their gym.  But in Best Player, Q just wants to save his gaming room, AKA his mom's basement.

Q is a funny character. He's basically the exact same character as Spencer in iCarly, except he plays videogames. I don't think anybody complained, because the actor does a good job at playing the big, dumb childish guy.

Of course, no sports movie is complete without a tough competitor, and Q quickly runs into an unbeatable player. With the help of his crazy gamer buddy, he gets the address of the gaming superstar.  The gamer ends up being a teenage girl, played by Jenette McCurdy (Sam from iCarly).

Q starts dating gamer girl's mother, to figure out a way to stop her from entering the competition.  Over the course of the movie, he tries a number of schemes, such as becoming a teacher at her school and trying to get the nerdy kid to ask her to prom.  The plans all fail, and he's starting to fall in love with the mom, anyway, so he's not sure if he wants to win anymore.

The best part of the movie was the video game competition itself.  I think that's because all four of the characters in the final round were characters who had gotten at least fifteen minutes of screentime previously, so you knew who all of them were.  You just feel more emotionally invested in the competition if you know who all the various characters are, as opposed to a competition where the hero is up against a nameless character you've never seen before.

"Emotionally invested" might not be the correct term. There are emotional moments in the movie, but they weren't too compelling because you knew, duh, that our hero would get back together with the woman he loves, after the tournament.  I wasn't exactly holding my breath to see if she would return his love.

All in all, I liked the movie, and my family liked it, too.  It was a good enough comedy/sports movie.  You can see this movie for yourself, when they rerun it...



Ryan Ortega said...

Have you heard? Osama bin Laden was killed by military in Abottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011, 8:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

3D###Boy said...

Ok, that is dramatically Ryan.Sad...''Blows a lot of tears".

And at the Best Player, I didn't see the movie but from what I read, I really think that Q is obsessed of VD(videgames) even in real life.
But I understand everybody who likes to play a lot on computer. I like too to play a lot on computer even 2000000000000 years!!! Ok, not like this, but now when the school is the on first place, I only play on computer Friday, Sutarday and Sunday.

Emily said...

I liked that movie too.
It was funn and good for pretty much all ages... and most of all good for people like Michael who like videogames and stuff like that :D

Isabel said...

Do you like iCarly? I'm a really big fan of that show. For a show made for kids it's really entertaining.