Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beep Beep Beep Beep

I just realized today that I have not taken my cell phone off of vibrate mode for six months.

I always keep my phone on vibrate mode, because I really, really hate the phone company's jingle that plays whenever you turn the phone on and off.  The only way to avoid hearing the jingle is by having your phone on vibrate, or by ripping out the battery while the phone is still on.

With my computer, it's the same way. I mute the speakers before turning off the computer, because I hate hearing the annoying "you just turned off your computer" beeps.  On my old computer, I could turn off those sounds.  I still haven't figured out how to do that on my new computer.

Why can't I choose the "turn on" and "turn off" music?  Forget ringtones!  I just want to get rid of "beep beep beep beep" every time I use my phone.  That's all.

True, I miss a lot of phone calls because my phone doesn't ring, but I'm still not switching out of vibrate mode until I can get around the annoying jingle music.


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing with my phone.

3D###Boy said...

I like hear that jingle! I always have my phone on General mode but only at school, I put it on Silent mode.
On my computer(Windows 7) I don't have that jingle turned on! Kind of strange, I didn't hear it from when I just bought the computer. Maybe dad turned it off.
And I generally use phone for music, and talking. I like to talk on my phone, but not to much. I like to talk with people, but, at the Music section, I like to hear music all the time! When it's time to bed, I go in my room, take my headphones, and listen to music about 1hour, then I fell asleep. But I'm not an obssessed of music, I just like hear it!

3D###Boy said...

Hey, here is a tip! If you want to have your phone on the General mode or Outdoor mode, go to settings, go to tones or volume or how its called on your phone, and select start tone. Select it of and then you can have your phone on Outdoor mode and don't miss any calls! Pretty easy, huh!?!

3D###Boy said...

And, I know this is out of topic but, GUYS YOU MUST PLAY MAESTRO MUSIC OF DEATH COLECTORS EDITION! I just finnish it and it's so cool! It's about an epidemic music that makes everybody old and then die! BRRR!!
Oh, ooo, and, PLAY AGENCY OF ANOMALIES MYSTIC HOSPITAL! I didn't finish it! Its very hard but cool!!

Anonymous said...

I keep my phone on silent alot. But i love my ring tone! it's Fireflies by Owl City.


Miriam said...

My mom does that all the time. My siblings know that if they want to talk to her, they have to call MY phone so that someone answers. :/
This is random, but why didn't you enter a cake in the recent Her Interactive contest? It was really fun, and they're using some of the cakes (including mine!!) in the game coming in the fall!

sparksbet said...

If you wanna change your "log on" sound on your computer, and it's Windows 7 go to themes and edit sounds.

Anonymous said...

LOL rip out the battery. LOLZ!!!!