Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Three Things

1.  Recently, there have been rumors of a third Bill and Ted movie, which is pretty bodacious.  That's a ridiculous movie series from twenty years ago, and a third movie would probably be more ridiculous than the other two, just because it's been so long.

2. Easter Break has started, and I'm excited. My Super Mario Galaxy 2 walkthrough is finally going to be finished this week!  (More on that tomorrow--I've got some video outtakes which I think people are really going to enjoy.)

3. I'm using the new version of Internet Explorer...and now I want the old version back. They changed it to make it more like Google Chrome, which I guess is getting popular.  Microsoft did the same thing, when iTunes became popular; they came out with a new Windows Media Player that's just like iTunes. And Windows 7 is far too similar to a Mac for my tastes.

Microsoft, stop trying to copy other people!  You can be awesome, by doing your own thing! There's no need to imitate other companies. The best way to defeat competitors is by making products superior to theirs, not products that are similar to theirs!


3D###Boy said...

1.I can't wait to see the final walk-trough of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

2.And about the internet, try use cometbird or mozzilla firefox because they are great web browsers, they work really fast and you can block images that you don't want to appear. I know they are good because I use both of them.

3. About Bill and Ted I don't know anything! LOL! =)

3D###Boy said...

Maybe the title for this post should be Four Things. Because you typed about Microsoft that should stop copying others.

S and D Hobbit said...

About the Microsoft thing, I just have to say that's how I feel about food chains!! I mean, Pizza Hut should NOT start serving chicken like KFC and Taco Bell shouldn't make burgers! It's just common sense. I like it when food places stick to their brand of cuisine. What do you think Michael? :)

Diana said...

Oh yes! Video outtakes please! That would be hilarious!

3D###Boy said...

In my opinion Microsoft and Windows 7 are not so good then MAC OS X is. I heard that if you have an Apple computer with Leopard OS, you have an option on this operating system that you can select to work with Windows programs. Really cool!