Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts on Chrono Trigger

I recently got the opportunity to play Chrono Trigger DS for an hour.

For those of you who don't know, Chrono Trigger is one of the games that people say is "the best game ever".  Why?  It's Final Fantasy Meets DragonBall Z.

It's really obvious that the DragonBall Z guy was involved in this game.  It has all sorts of DBZ characters, like the guy with ridiculously large hair, the girl who overreacts to everything, and the female scientist who loves showing off how smart she is.  The game also has a DragonBall Z plotline: time travel gone wild, in order to prevent the apocalyptic future.

Like I said, I only played the game for an hour, but what I saw of the plot was pretty interesting. One of the plot twists was pretty obvious, but other than that, it was well-done.

From what I saw, this is a better-than-average RPG, but I haven't seen anything special enough to make me call it "the best RPG ever".  Maybe if I get more free time in the future, I'll come back to it and play some more.
I really only have two complaints about the game:

1. The battle system is a real-time combat system, and I prefer turn-based battles, because enemies don't attack you when you're trying to remember which combo is which.

EDIT: People have suggested that I set the game on "wait" mode, so enemies don't attack when you're on the combo/item screen.  That's good, but it only applies to the combo/item screen.  Enemies still attack when you're on the attack screen, which is bogus.

2. I played for an hour, and I didn't get to see any of the fancy movies that were drawn by the DBZ studio. You'd think the game would want to show off at least one of the animations that were drawn by the DragonBall Z studio, instead of saving them for later on in the game.


3D###Boy said...

I think Chrono Trigger it's a horrible game.

3D###Boy said...

I mean I like Final Fantasy. I played all the parts. But Chrono Trigger is not my thing.

3D###Boy said...

But are you going to make a walk-trough about this game?

Winky Go Moo said...

I've played Chrono Trigger DS and loved it. The storyline was interesting, it has a lot of replay value, and had a lot good gameplay. Plus, there's a lot of pretty awesome plot twists later on in the game.

About your complaints, yeah, it does take a while for the cutscenes to show up. I think the first one is when you find your fourth party member in the future. And did you have the battle setting set to active or wait? 'Cause if it was on wait, enimies won't attack if you're picking Techs/Combos or items. :)

Anonymous said...

Michael!! I have solutions to both of your complaints!!

1) In Options, look for "Wait" instead of "Active". That'll make it so that all character's, including enemy's, time bars freeze while you're in Tech/Item menus.
Yay for Winky Go Moo for pointing that out before me, apparently :D

2) Leave the game still when you power it on and it'll enter a large animation (After the Squeenix (nickname for Square Enix, don't ask) and MobiVideo codec splashes) :)