Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Week's News

In the news this week, many bad things have happened.
  • Gas prices continue to be at crazy levels.  Now it's at least $4, in pretty much every state.  All tourist locations have seen a 30 to 40% drop in the number of tourists, and that number is expected to increase when summer begins.
  • President Obama is setting up a special task force to investigate the oil market and make sure everything is A-OK there, because those gas prices are ridiculous.
  • It'd be really great if President Obama could, I dunno, impose Super Taxes or something on the oil/gas people, because they're making record profits and that would certainly help out the US Budget Crisis.  Just a suggestion.
  • Fast food companies, in a group, decided to raise their prices, due to the bad economy.  By my count, this is the second time they've done this.  I'm not an economist by any means, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that fast food company profits are down, because due to the high gas prices, no one can afford to use a drive-thru.
  • In tech news, Apple is in a bit of a tough spot.  Their iPhones and iPads all have tracking devices in them, and people just discovered the file that keeps a record of every single location the phone has been, as well as when the phone was there.  It's a pretty well-encrypted file, but still, people don't like the idea of Apple keeping track of everywhere they go.

So that's the news. It wasn't a very good week, apparently.


Diana said...

I agree. the good news is...I'M ON SPRING BREAK!!! yay!

The Green Platypus said...

Cheer up, today is Easter!

3D###Boy said...

I don't want to think at this things! Is EASTER!!I am sure if we have fate God will make the things become more good then they are now.