Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The San Jose Sharks Win Round One

My hockey team, the San Jose Sharks, are in the playoffs against the Los Angeles Kings this year.  It's been a crazy series so far, with several games going into overtime.

The good news is that in two games, the Sharks have scored six goals.  The bad news is that they made up for this by not scoring anything in two of the other games.  In Saturday's game, they had fifty-two shots, but only one goal.

Ugh.  Not good, guys!

Yesterday's game was back-and-forth.  No side had a clear lead, and whenever one team scored, the other team seemed to tie it up quickly.  At the end of the game, we got a penalty for charging.  The referee decided it was a really bad charge, even worse than the ones on his credit card bill, so he made it a five minute penalty, instead of the normal two minutes.

The game went into overtime, and shortly after the penalty was over, the team captain scored.  All right!  Now the team will advance to Round Two, where they'll go up against [opponent unknown].  My playoff beard lives to see another week!  Hopefully in this round, they'll be more consistent about their level of play, instead of fluctuating from game to game.


David said...

I don't believe that this superstitions about playoff beard is real. Superstitions aren't real and they only make you depend on them.
Maybe your thinking: ,, David is to little to understand, we, the big people. And he don't know what hes talking.'' But believe me, i know what I'm talking. Is just a game. You don't lose anything precious. Is not the End of the World. We just be happy playing or watching a game and don't get upset if our team lose. Every time you get another chance.

Anonymous said...

PLAYOFF BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

I know that this is totally off topic, but I want to say something about your latest video walkthrough, the Pride and Prejudice one. In the book, Lizzie, or Hortensia Humperdink Walter the III Bennet, is supposed to get married to Mr. Darcy!!! I was aslo wondering if you could try to end the walkthrough by showing us all of the endings 1-9. I hope you read your comments!! :)

3D###Boy said...

I hope you read your comments too, but from what I hear from the people who knows you, you don't seem to check out your comments!

3D###Boy said...

Believe me I know some of Michael friends.