Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recording Failures

I've had a few video recording failures recently.  People never get to see these bad videos, but I thought it might be interesting if I described them.

#1.  I started a video walkthrough for Zack and Wiki: The Curse of Barbaros' Treasure.  This is a game that got great reviews from everyone, but only two people bought copies.  I got to the final world of the game a few years ago, but for some reason, I stopped there.  I figured it'd be interesting to play through it again.

I stopped playing about four levels in, because the motion controls were horrible.  I mean, they are really, really bad.  Maybe they were tolerable three years ago, but now they're not worth fighting.

The four videos I made have since been deleted.  It's not a huge loss.

#2. I tried to go through the frighteningly difficult last stage of Super Mario Galaxy 2 recently.  People have told me that the secret to getting through this stage is by having a second player.  Player 2 will be able to defeat all the enemies, so you don't have to worry about them!

That sounds like a great plan, so I worked extra-hard to get my hands on a second controller. I got to the end of the stage, the part with all the enemies.  Then, I turned the second controller loose on them.


Attacking enemies as Player 2 doesn't kill them!  At best, it distracts them for only two seconds.  And I was really hoping to kill the enemies as Player 2, to make the challenge easier.

I played the stage for about half an hour, but I didn't win, mostly due to the fact that the secret "Player 2" trick failed. I'll try again, but I'm not sure when.  I need to build up some enthusiasm for another attempt.


3D###Boy said...

The trick with 2 player will don't work, NEVER EVER AFTER......!
You need to be fast and cautious.

3D###Boy said...

Or,..... Do you use cheats, codes, glitches? Try some cheats. Try find some of them at! I don't cheat at games only if I see is to hard to finish them.
I am not a cheater, I just use them for, amusing.

Anonymous said...

It's usually A LOT easier if u have someone ELSE be player two, so while they hold down the enemy u can jump on them on kill them :)

3D###Boy said...

I agree with anonymous! :):)

Stephanieeee19 said...

can't player two freeze the enemy? that helped me beat most of the levels.