Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garfield Minus Garfield and 3eanuts

I've got two comics strips for you to enjoy. The first is Garfield Minus Garfield, which is the Garfield comic strip, with Garfield edited out. Sometimes, the crazy things that Jon does are even funnier without Garfield there to add a punchline to the strip:

And other times, it is horribly depressing.

The other comic strip I've found out about it 3eanuts, which is the Peanuts comic strip with the last panel removed. Without the jokes, it is pretty much the most depressing comic strip ever.

Basically, this confirms what I said about Peanuts and "The Depressing Comic", back when I was drawing Pug's Adventures.


Anonymous said...

the 3eanuts is not on the screen.

3D###Boy said...

The two strips of Garfield Minus Garfield are describing two of my personalities. But 3eanuts is so boring....YAWN....I think....i wil....zzzzzZZZZzzz!

Airam said...

Haha! John looks crazy~!

Emily said...

I love everything about this post!!!