Friday, April 29, 2011

Doctor Appointment

I went to the hospital on a Thursday two weeks ago, for a doctor's appointment.  I just came from class, and I didn't have time to change out of my clerics.
Surprisingly, all the doctors were really interested in my priestly studies.

I get different reactions from people when I wear my clerics in public.  Some people deliberately avoid me, some people are excited to see me, and some people stop and stare. I remember once, at a gas station, one person was pulling out of the pump when he saw me, and he slammed on the brakes, and everyone in the car gathered at the window to stare at me with looks of amusement and unbelief.

They made me feel like an animal in the zoo, to be honest.

The doctors didn't seem to know much about seminaries, which is why I thought it was odd they were so interested in the subject.  Eventually, from the direction of their questions, I figured out why they were so interested: studying to become a priest is a lot like studying to become a doctor.  You have at least six years of specialized schooling, with extensive review processes and the internship year.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that priests and doctors are similar--the priest is a doctor of souls--but I never realized how similar the education process for both professions were until I talked about it with the doctors.


3D###Boy said...

I am sorry that people are staring and avoid you.
Tip: Don't confront them.If you do this, they will start to hate you and they will start bully you.
There's nothing you can do just leave them alone.
This will only take some time and then everybody will comport normal like this thing never happen.
For me it takes 1 year and now everybody from school is comporting normal when they see me.
Good luck and God help you Michael.

P.S.- I like you use that expression "pretty cool"! Coole!

Anonymous said...

People inevitably have judgments about the collar. Just ignore the stares.

3D###Boy said...

Is not hard to ignore the stares. But is hard to ignore the avoids and the excited people.

3D###Boy said...

What means clerics?
Cuz I don't know.

3D###Boy said...

Hey I see how a cleric clothing look and I think is normal to wear them. I don't see what is so hilarious at them. I like that type of clothing, it's so.., traditional.
Cool! 2xCool! 3xCool!

Airam said...

Awww Poor Micheal :( But that's really interesting thanks for sharing!!

PS: My cousin is a seminar too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you feel that way but when you said they "slammed on the brakes, and everyone in the car gathered at the window to stare at me with looks of amusement and unbelief." That made me laugh. I think it's pretty cool though.