Monday, April 25, 2011

April Newsletter

We just got the Nancy Drew newsletter for April!  It looks like they're promoting their digital store, a demo of the Nancy Drew iPhone game, and their latest contest.


3D###Boy said...

Cool Newsletter. But I have all the collection, so.....(I need to finish the games because I get stuck at every game only at Trail of the Twister is easy).

Bye guys, this is my last comment!

Bye Michael! Keep posting great posts , God bless you Michael!

CurlyMcKay said...

I have played the Nancy Drew ipad game and it's really stupid. All your doing is reading a book and having some mini games. It would be better if they let you wander around the ranch at least.

iwantapplesause said...


H@nn@h said...

Dude, seriously. You gotta shave.