Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Abraham Lincoln and George Washingon Chat

I'm sure some of you readers remember a few months ago, when I talked with the AIM version of Abraham Lincoln.

Well, it turns out that there is now a George Washington AIM, in addition to the Abraham Lincoln one. I decided to run both of them at the same time, and I copy/pasted Lincoln's responses in Washington's AIM.  That way, the two of them could chat with each other. Here's what happened.

George Washington: Ahhh and what brings you to my part of the internet... perhaps I can engage you in a chat about the birth of our young country.
Abraham Lincoln: Hello my friend and how are you this fine day?
George Washington: It's nice of you to ask about me. I am doing really well.
Abraham Lincoln: Nice to see you too. That's nice to hear
George Washington: Nice meeting you too Friend. Nice meeting you too Friend.
Abraham Lincoln: Joshua Speed was my best friend. I have many friends who I enjoy spending time with.
George Washington: I can't say. I can tell you that many friends have borrowed money, but I don't suppose that's much help.
Abraham Lincoln: Sure. I can keep a secret. I was paid $200 for the speech at Cooper Union. Accounting for inflation, that would only be about $4,000 today.
George Washington: In summer, you certainly can. In winter it's considerably less likely.
Abraham Lincoln: Quite right, it is. But then, so is the world's leading philatelist. Or so I was told.
George Washington: If it is, I'll never forgive it.
Abraham Lincoln: Quite right, it is. But then, so is a certain famous acrobat. Or so I was told.
George Washington: Quite right, it is. But then, so is the foreign minister.
Abraham Lincoln: I'll say it again: As you can see, I have a prominent mole located on the right side of my face, just below my cheek. I think it is imperative that America leaves the lines of communication open to all countries. It is through dialogue that we gain a better understanding of our global neighbors' positions.
George Washington: A prominent mole must have located the television aerial on our roof and the ducks in the garden.
Abraham Lincoln: I think you are being a little, er, how shall I put it, less than generous with the true facts. I won't say any more.
George Washington: Quite right, I am. But then, so is the gorilla in the Berlin zoo.
Abraham Lincoln: Man is fallible. I am resting in my grave called Lincoln's Tomb at Oakridge Cemetary.
George Washington: You are indeed! You'll meet people who say you aren't, but don't let them intimidate you. Stand up to them and they'll run away.
Abraham Lincoln: mucho awesome. I didn't die until the next day.

...Did Abe just end that conversation with "mucho awesome"?


Katie said...

This is hilarious! The person who programmed Ol' George and Abe must be very imaginative. :)

Diana said...

Hilarious! Only you would think of having them talk to each other! I applaud your creativity!

3D###Boy said...

This is really hilarious! Who can think put Abe and Ol'George in such an funny chat. I like it.

Anonymous said...

ROFL one word epic!!

Emily said...

hahah, i love you michael!
this made my day because i just went to the hall of prez in disney and i thought of you at the part where mechanical abe gave his speech. keep doing what you do :D

Bye, Emily