Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yesterday's Blog Post

People seem a bit worried about yesterday's blog post, so let me clarify something:

There is no danger of me suddenly deleting my Youtube Channel, without explanation.

I can turn off the ability to make comments on my videos, but I'm not going to do that. People love to make comments on videos!  Especially those people who always comment "FIRST!" on every single video.

I liked Flashman85's idea of me doing a video walkthrough of something other than an adventure game.  Actually, I've been planning on doing a special walkthrough like that for some time now.  The game is sort of like a dating sim, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and English class, all rolled into one.  I won't say any more about it now, because I'm not certain if I'll do a walkthrough for it yet.

Today, the new Back to the Future game comes out, and I'll definitely going to play that before doing any more video walkthroughs.


Monica said...

Are you ever going to do a walk-through for the back to the future games?

Michael Gray said...


3D###Boy said...

Well this is good. You will never know what the future games will look like.


3D###Boy said...

Why don't you try to make a walk-through for some..... I don't know a special moment from your life. I will start to earn money for a new camera, 20G, and I will take it every time with me and be prepared for something extraordinary. I think you will say: ''This is kind of movie''.. But no. This will be more greatest than a movie. Ummmm.......Hmmmm.... Yeah.

3D###Boy said...

Maybe you will need to solve a mystery in real-life and then you will can make a real-life-time-walk-through. IT will be so COOL! I have this Idea from years and years ago.(Ok... Just from when I was 8)

kqs5041 said...

Well if you don't want to turn off the comments on your videos, why are you annoyed by them? Just don't pay attention to them then.

Ki said...

I love your video walkthroughs! And Harvest Moon....isn't that a farm game, when you have to manage your farm life or something?