Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Mario Galaxy 2 -- World 5 Complete

And the video walkthroughs keep on coming!  World 5 of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is now complete. I know that the Green Star challenge is kind of boring compared to the real game, but it's almost over.

Here are some highlights! First is the video where I make an awesome pun about the Bee Mario suit:

...And I can't think of any other highlights.


dr.david-dan said...

Cool! Love the video, And at least World 5 complete! Keep going Michael you are doing well! :-)

dr.david-dan said...

I see the other videos and they are so cool! I wish I could have too a Nintendo DS or a Wii. Where I can but one?

Alana said...

@ dr.david-dan, you can buy Wii's or Nintendo DS's at any department store like Target or Wal*Mart. You could also get refurbished ones at GameStop for a little bit cheaper, I believe.
If none of those are available in your area, you can always use those store's websites and order online :)