Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Tags?

I'm considering adding a "news" tag to my posts.  I seem to talk about current news with some regularity.

For example, I was looking at the news last week.  They say that oil prices have fallen by 3%.  Economists think this means the price of gas will increase.  Cheaper oil clearly means more expensive gas.

The next news story is that 26,000 new people filed for unemployment benefits this week.  Economists think this is a sign that the economony is improving.  As the economy improves, they expect to see more people file for unemployment.

In other news, I no longer believe that economists have any idea what they're talking about.


I'm also considering making a regular feature out of the poorly-informed movie reviewer.  I've already written two entries about this guy, who writes a column about videogames in my local newspaper.  He is quickly becoming my favorite source of videogame news, because he knows next-to-nothing about videogames.

This week, his column was about Minority Report, a movie starring Tom Cruise.  This movie doesn't have anything to do with videogames, but there is a scene where Tom uses a computer with a 3D camera.  And that's kind of like the Microsoft Kinect.

Of course, Tom Cruise has a much better 3D camera than the Kinect.  The Kinect needs to be calibrated before it can be used, because it only has a resolution of 120 by 120.  I've never used the Kinect, or seen one, but 120 by 120?  That's really bad.  My outdated phone can take pictures of a higher resolution.


Orryna Kristan said...

talking about news Japan is really in trouble :(

Maddie said...

I think a "news" tag is a great idea. There's a lot of news these days.

And yes, Japan is in trouble. My class was talking about it today in school. So devastating :(

Anonymous said...

Of course Japan is in trouble. it just shows the changes in times. I heard the San Andres Fault is next to erupt at an 8.0 magantiude. If that's not the case then Oreagon can get a 9.2 earthquake. heard this all on CBS Sunday Morning. I live over here in Florida so the worse that can happen is Hurrincane with Tsunami!