Monday, March 14, 2011

New Byline

Hey, everyone! This blog needs a new byline at the top of each page!  The 1,000 videos celebration is over, after all. So give me ideas and suggestions as to what the new byline should be.


Sammy said...

What about...

The Arglefumph Blog
You never know what to expect here.


The Arglefumph Blog
Be apart of the Nancy Drew Clew Crew

Anonymous said...

Nancy Drew's #1 fan!

Anonymous said...

I choose Sammy's second option as "Be apart of the Nancy Drew Clue Crew"


S and D Hobbit said...

The Arglefumph Blog
Just your average awesome guy


Or if that sounds to proud,

The Arglefumph Blog
Bringing laughter one post at a time!

Hope you're having a good day!

dr.david-dan said...

how about The Arglefumph Blog The Blog that will Change Your Life

sasakitcat said...


The Arglefumph Blog
Its up to you to find a clue!


The Arglefumph Blog
Hey everyone its Micheal Gray !!!


The Arglefumph Blog
Look down below for an update on my life!!:)

Airam said...

I like Sammy's post

Diana said...

I liked Sassy Detective Central
I also like s and d hobbit's
bringing laughter one post at a time

Miriam said...

Awesome, Really Great, Laughable, Everyone-Friendly, UMPH!
(like when people say things have "umph" :D hmm? Hmm? ..okay, it's sorta silly...)

Kira said...

(Under The Arglefumph Blog)
Michael Gray's Sassy Detective Central

Or ... that sounds kind of weird. XD Maybe not.


Michael Gray's Ramblings of Randomness and Sometimes Nancy Drew

Molly said...

The Arglefumph Blog
We're coming up on 2000 videos!

That sounds great to me.

dr.david-dan said...

ok I like sammys post!

Anonymous said...

The Arglefumph Blog
The Blog of that Nancy Drew Walkthrough Guy

That's how I referred to you when I first started watching your videos.