Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger Speedrun

There's a speedrun of the second Nancy Drew videogame, done by someone called FancyJake.

It's a good speedrun, but I bet I could do better. How? I would use these two glitches to save five minutes or so:

The first glitch lets you skip the "travel to WWB from Maddie's house" sequence, which I think I saw about six times in the speedrun. The second glitch lets you skip the "travel to Dwayne Powers' talent agency" sequence, which you do twice. It also lets you skip the various cutscenes that lead up to Nancy being able to visit Dwayne Powers' talent agency (such as the conversation Nancy has with Maddie about Dwayne).

Another timesaver is to turn off the voices in the options menu, so you can skip through phone conversations in seconds. If I ever get a lot of free time, which is unlikely, I think I'll make my own speedrun for the game, utilizing the tricks I've outlined here.

I really like that someone made a speedrun for this game, because it lets you know what you have to do in order to beat the game. Usually, whenever I play the game, I get stuck, and I can't figure out what to do. Now, if I ever get stuck again, I know where to go for answers!


dr.david-dan said...

Thx Michael. I will play the game and use them to make too a speedrun! You do great job with your blog and your personality! Keep going Michael!! :)

Zlandael said...

I wanted to make this speed run a no glitch run. Although, if I tried glitches, I would surely be confused. This game contains some tricky triggers.

Anonymous said...

I tried the beginning skip glitch, but I must not have done it right, because I had to do it all over because I guess it didn't "click" that I'd done it. :/ I was not happy. Any idea how to use the glitch successfully?

dr.david-dan said...

The glitches works perfect. thx

lriolo said...

Stay tuned for danger is the only ND game I have never played. I want to buy it but I was wondering I you would happen to know if this game will work on a Windows-7 operating system.?

Jennifer Lewis said...

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