Saturday, March 12, 2011

High School Writing

When I was in high school, I saved all my stories and poems, because I was going to become a Famous Author, and everyone would love to see the genius things I had written.  I had everything all sorted, and put into a fancy binder, and on the first page, there's a bolded warning which says nobody but me is allowed to read this, unless I'm dead, in which case, the contents of the binder should be put in my offical literary anthology.

Now, I can look back and say that I was totally full of myself.  But back then, it made perfect sense to me that I would have my own anthology of literature, just like all the other famous authors.

I can barely remember the stories I wrote back then.  One was O, which is a novel separated into five parts.  Part 1 is a portrait of the main character, when he is 17.  Part 2 is him at age 34.  Part 3 is him at age 51, and in this section, he drinks a magic potion that turns him into a 17-year-old.  Part 4 is him as a 17-year-old again, with scenes that echo the ones in Part 1.  Part 5 is him as a 34-year-old again.  The book ends there.

(By total coincidence, this plotline was later used in the Zac Efron movie, Seventeen Again. )

I only wrote one and a half pages, but I was pretty sure it'd be a great book.

Let me see...what other stories did I write?  There was one that took place during a war in the 1400's, and someone was killed.  And there was one that takes place in a futuristic world where smart children are systematically "removed" from their schools.  And there was one about girls who dig holes in the ground with shovels.

All of these books went unfinished, and up until last month, I had about five of them left on my computer.  Eventually, I decided to delete them.  It might have been interesting to try to finish writing them, but I have long since forgotten the characters and plots I originally intended to write.

The only thing I have left are the works I actually completed, which are mostly poems.  There are maybe a few stories.  I haven't read them in years, so I'm not exactly sure.

Where are these stories?  Believe it or not, they're inside the binder that served as my official literary anthology. The binder is located somewhere in my family's house, if my parents didn't throw it away when I moved out.

I should try to find that binder someday.  It could be interesting to read.


Kira said...

When I was like 10, I wrote a whole bunch of random stories on my computer. One was about a bunch of talking kittens in Petco, another was about two people who turned into a dog and a mouse, a third was about a girl whose new neighbor was a witch that stole her dog (see how much I wrote about animals?). A lot of them are nonsense and about five pages long each. I never plan to continue them, but sometimes I look back on them for a laugh to see how bad of a writer I was then.

Anonymous said...

I keep a binder full of various papers of mine, drawings, photos, scribbled notes, etc. I don't think any of it will be seriously important some day, but I do it because it might be of interest for me, someday in the future, to look back and see all the projects and stuff I did in my youth...(I'll probably cringe, too, seeing how silly and childish some of it is!)

I also keep a diary, make note of things on my calendar, and take lots of pictures with our digital camera. I'm sort of addicted to recordkeeping by now; I document all sorts of things just because.

Good to know that I'm not the only one who does things like this. ;)


Anonymous said...

I wrote like 3 stories where all of the characters were from Nancy Drew games and then for some reason gave them to my teacher... I am very odd

Anonymous said...

I found an old story of mine that I wrote, in which I basically copied many of the books I read at the time, and the story itself made no sense. It's fun to read though, to remind me of how far I've come.

Anonymous said...

I have a story of when I was 8. I still have it. It was about an old man whom never slept. He always stayed up wondering about something. It was all hand written and 31 pages long. I did it in the summer. I read it all over and saw that the man always stayed up wondering about his wife. One night someone broke into their house and killed the man's wife. The old man woke up and saw his wife. He called the police and weeped and weeped for days. He never slept thinking one day the killer might come back or his wife. At the end of the story, the killer does come back but not to kill to apologie. He said that earlier in his life the old man's wife had an affair so he set out to kill her. The old man went on a rant about what pain it caused him. Then all of a sudden someone knocks at the door, it's the old man's WIFE? It turns out that this was all a twisted dream. The man and his wife are young and the killer was never there. The man still has trouble sleeping due to this horrific dream. I am sorry to anyone that was upset by this.


Anonymous said...

Yes, if you find them, you HAVE to post them on here. *giggles*

Violet said...

I write TONS of stories, like one about a pair of twins and their friend discovering that there reflections are actually people... and another about a girl who basically has a weird family, including a little sister who is a sparkly hurricane of glitter!
P.S. Have you read Holes? It's like your last story, but they are boys, juvenile delinquints, and there is a century old mystery to solve- great book and movie :)