Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The US Budget

In the news recently, there's a lot of talk about President Obama's brand new budget plan, which is somewhere in the trillions.  Critics have said that is, quote, "kind of a lot of money", and they have suggested various plans to help the country's budget, such as not giving anybody health care or social security.

It's moments like these when you know are lawmakers are really looking out for the welfare of their citizens.

President Obama has promised to veto the proposed budget cuts, because saving money is clearly a bad idea.  After all, it could hurt the economic growth of the country.  I'm not exactly sure which country he's talking about, because he certainly can't mean the United States of America.  The last time I checked, we're still in a recession.

Speaking of which, Borders Bookstores has just declared bankruptcy.  Not only are all of their employees out of work, but I imagine that a lot of people will be fired from the publishing industry, too.  After all, Borders probably controlled 30% to 40% of all bookstore sales in the country.

In any case, it's starting to look like the budget cuts aren't going to be accepted, so our country is going to go further into debt.  Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Soon, it will be 1930 all over again.
Oh well, good thing I don't live in the "Large money" contries(actually I am.

Diana said...

What economic growth? Welcome to the 2nd Great Depression everyone!

Kelly said...

At times my stomach hurts just thinking about how this individual was elected into the highest office in the land...

Alana said...

I don't know if I'd call it the 2nd Great Depression hahah, that's one of my focus areas of study as a history major, and in my opinion I would much rather be living now than during the Great Depression. At least now I'm able to have a decent meal often and am able to pursue an education & career rather than working in a factory for my entire life.

I don't think blaming Obama is the answer though... he wasn't the president who got us in this situation, he was the president who got stuck cleaning up the mess. I can't imagine another person dealing with this any better. It's a hard situation either way. I guess I just feel like people shouldn't be judging him when they don't know the whole story; they just know what the media says. Plus, in my book, if I couldn't do the job personally I'm not gonna jump to judge another person's actions while doing that job. I guess I'm just naive (or hopeful) enough to think that my government is doing the best it can do in a horrible situation.

Just kind of "disclaiming", although I am extremely liberal, I do not consider myself an Obama supporter whatsoever... can't stand him actually. If I had been 18 at the time of the election I wouldn't have voted for either candidate. I just think that it's more person's blame than one, and a lot of people either don't see that or choose not to see that for whatever reason. Just my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

Also! I heard that Giordonos has declared bankruptcy. (IN CHICAGO)

We are defiantly in another Great Depression!!

Anonymous said...

Just like secret of the old clock!