Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unanswered Questions

Recently, I had you blog readers vote on which questions you want to see me answer.  Before I reveal the questions you picked--as well as the twenty other questions I'm going to answer--let's take a look at the questions I'm not going to answer in a vlog.

1. Have you ever read any of the Nancy Drew books (from any series)?

2. Besides Nancy Drew characters, who is your favorite character voiced by Lani Minella? (if you have one)
3. Do you like pie?
4. Do you like taylor Swift?
5. also, what is your opinion of llamas?
6. What is your opinion of either Sonny Joon or Prudence? Rutherford?
7. Do you like The Beatles? What's your favorite Beatles song??
8. Are there any games that you have refused to play and or record?
9. what kind of books do you read?? Do you Read alot? whats your favorite book?
10. Do you ever get sick? of doing all your walkthroughs? Do you ever get? bored playing the game over and over, then shooting the video of it?
11. pirates or ninjas??
12. Congrats, i was kind of hoping you? could discuss your views on communism/socialism, if its alright with you,and also if its not to late to respond.
13. Also, what was your favorite cartoon growing up? ;)
14. If you were an animal what animal would you be?
15. What kind of television shows are you into?
16. Do you like anime/manga?
17. who is your most favorite villian and why
18. Also, what is your favorite gaming console?


And just for fun, I'm going to answer a few of them here.  Consider it a blog exclusive.

Q: Do you like pie?
A: Who doesn't?
Q: Do you like the Beatles?
A: Not really. All their songs kind of sound the same to me.

Q: Do you ever get sick of doing all your walkthroughs?

Q: Have you ever read any of the Nancy Drew books (from any series)?

A: Yes.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those are some weird questions...

Miriam said...

Yay for not responding to questions with bad grammar :D
the only one I'm sad you won't answer in your vlog is the one about your favorite console. That's always a fun question to ask avid gamers.

Lyn said...

Yes! Your not going to respond to the questions I didn't like!:) The only one I can see that I wanted you to answer was: Is there a game you refuse to play? But, hey I'm not depressed or anything like that!

Diana said...


Paul Franzen said...

I knew you were too cowardly to weigh in on the pirates/ninjas issue!

Anonymous said...

If your sick of doing walkthroughs, then why do you do them? Its a shame, cause your commentrey and stuff are actully kinda funny!