Friday, February 11, 2011

NGP to Kill Console Games

Every now and then, when I feel like a laugh, I check my local newspaper and read their weekly column about videogames.  It's always unintentionally hilarious, because it's written by the movie reviewer, who never plays videogames.

Last week, he wrote about the Sony NGP, which he thinks is going to bring an end to console gaming.  That's right; the Sony NGP is going to put the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 out of business.

For those of you who don't know, the NGP is "Next Generation Portable", Sony's new handheld device.  It looks a lot like the current one, except it has a touchscreen.  But apparently, instead of normal hardware, it has super powers.  The graphics are so realistic that they make Avatar look bad.  Only specialized graphics experts can tell the difference between a NGP game and reality.

This is bad news for Sony.  I mean, it's good that they're making a system with great graphics.  But it's bad, because nobody will buy PlayStations anymore.  Who would buy a PS3 when you could buy an NGP, which costs less and has better graphics?  No one, that's who.  The PS3 costs about PS300 dollars, and unless NGP stands for Not Good Price, the NGP is cheaper.

Our movie reviewer predicts that, in the future, all the console systems will disappear.  The NGP will destroy them all with its HD graphics.  Really, Nintendo and Microsoft should just give up now, before they embarass themselves.  There's no way they can compete with a system that has an HD screen smaller than a CD case.  Long live the NGP!


Anonymous said...

Yeah cause of course graphics are the only thing that matters. Gameplay? Who cares about gameplay/Sarcasm

But really I play a bunch of games that have poor graphics and really good gameplay. Thoose are the games I play. (It helps if it has good graphics but it's not the only reason.


Alex said...

One of my favorite games (very modern, and not old) is minecraft. It has graphics WORST then N64, but it is still an EPIC game. So Black Ops: POO YOU!

Anonymous said...

Alex you are super AWESOME now I play minecraft to.


Anonymous said...

You see, THIS is what pisses me off. Most gamers today don't even care about older games because the graphics suck. Uh... hello, if those games didn't even exist, they won't even have games like Call of Duty, or Halo. REAL Gamers actually care about the older games like Legend of Zelda, or Super Mario bros. Why, not because of there graphics, because they had awsome stories, gameplay, and concepts. Real gamers also care even more about the REALLY OLD games like pong, breakout, and heck even Pac-Man. This is why I say, TO HELL WITH GRAPHICS!!!

Anonymous said...

Layton IS COOOOOOL im watching the movie!!!! part 1 is posted by EternalDivaMovie