Monday, February 28, 2011


Judging from my last blog entry, there's a lot of hate for Justin Bieber right now.  I have to say, I'm moderately surprised.  I thought he was somewhat popular.

Half the time with this blog, I guess about what the readers will find interesting.  Usually, I stick to talking about videogames because people seem to like it.  I rarely talk about music, because I don't listen to music that often.

For example, in the past nine months or so, I have only added three songs to my music collection, two of which come directly from TV shows:
  1. This is the Life
  2. Big Time Rush: Theme Song
  3. Fleetwood Mac - Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
So...yeah, I don't know much about current music. I couldn't name any song on the Top 100 right now, except for that one with the weird lyrics.

I like to play videogames...Super Mario!
And I work out...Cardio!
Um, last year I went on vacation to...Buffalo!

And I only know that song exists because Steve was listening to it in his car when he gave me a ride three Saturdays ago.


Alana said...

Fleetwood Mac is good :) I love older bands - my mom always jokes I listen to the same music she did when she was my age. I like newer stuff too, but it feels like you don't have to have talent to be a famous singer anymore, you just have to auto-tune the heck out of your voice. Most songs I just listen to because they're catchy and they get stuck in my mind haha, not because the person singing actually has an immense amount of talent.

Miriam said...

Random, but I just thought of it last night:

Arglefumph: A Really Good Laugh Emanating From User Michael Playing ("HA!")

I posted that in a comment on the video when you answered what "Arglefumph" meant, but I wasn't sure if you actually read every little comment fan girls post on your videos..haha. :D Keep being awesome!

michaelbeast said...
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Anonymous said...

I love music. i love Owl City and Ludo :D


Kira said...

Most of Justin Bieber's main fans are a bit ... younger. Older fans don't really like him as much (including myself).

dr.david-dan said...

I am younger and i dont like Justin Biber! Is awful i tell you awful!!!! Je detest Justin Biber!!!

dr.david-dan said...

And Jusrtin Biber is to younger for this type of videoclips!!! BLAHH!!!

dr.david-dan said...

I like music very much but i hate Justin Biber!!! BYE GUYS!!!

dr.david-dan said...

And when i say i am young dont think i am 5 or 6 years old. I am just 12 years old!!!!!

dr.david-dan said...

That big time rush theme song dosent work on YouTube!!! Just on Sony Only Entertaiment!

Tallshortie49 said...

That song with the weird lyrics is "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement. I remember that song before it was on the radio.
I'm not much of a mainstream music fan (since many of the songs seem to have techno roots) but I listen to whatever is on the radio.

Twizzler206 said...

I hate Justin Bieber alot but the thing I hate more than him are his fans. They get very very very annoying. Yesterday this girl named Niya came up to me holding a picture of him and said "Look its Justin Bieber!!! Isn't he cute!!!" I was just like "...Do you want me to rip up that picture and burn it?"

Balin said...

I don't like Bieber either. His music is just cheesy pop, all cliche. And all he sings about is girls. It's weird.

But I agree with the assessment about his fans.