Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space

In my area, the show Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space airs every night at 9:30.  It's an animated TV show from 1972, and it's just as ridiculous as the title makes it sound.

This show is a spinoff of Josie and the Pussycats, which is the name of a band.  Unlike most spinoffs, it contains all of the characters from the original show.  These characters being...
  • Josie, who is supposed to be the main character, but she's actually more like a prop than a character.
  • Melody, the joker.
  • Valerie, the super-genius.
  • Alan, who is the band's manager and superhunk. He is devoid of all personality.
  • Alex, whose presence on the show is unexplained.
  • Alexandra, Josie's rival. She always whines about everything, and insults the other characters.  I don't know why they hang out with her.
  • Sebastian, Alexandra's cat.  I'm pretty sure the cat gets more screentime than Josie.
  • Bleep, a wacky alien who says, "Bleep!" Oh boy, that's wacky!
It's a good group of characters, I guess, but the weird part is that they are always onscreen.  That is, all eight characters are in every single scene.  It makes the show feel crowded.  Josie never gets any lines, because there are always seven other characters there to talk in her place, so she just stands around and does nothing.

I don't know if the show's creators hate Josie or what, but they also made her fifteen pounds heavier than she was in the original show.  I've never seen an animated show do that before.  Maybe the original title for the show was Josie and Pussycats: Now Without Josie!

The show takes place in outer space, where our heroes have Wacky Space Adventures.  These adventures usually involve meeting aliens that are evil and want to take over the universe.  Of course, with the help of everyone except Josie, our heroes are able to save the galaxy multiple times a week.

Here are the plots I've seen so far:
  • Our heroes land on the planet of aliens with Irish accents.  These aliens are plagued by 20-foot aliens (called the Huge Os).  The Huge Os want to destroy the sun, because it hurts their eyes when they look at it.  Our heroes stop the nefarious plot of the Huge Os by telling them about sunglasses.
  • Two robot aliens have created missiles that shoot laser beams.  When you get hit by one of these beams, you turn into a six-year-old.  Some of our heroes get turned into kids, but eventually they turn back to normal and stop the robots by turning them into little children.
  • Frog aliens kidnap our heroes.  For reasons that aren't made clear, the frogs are having a large circus, so our heroes put on a musical act.  Then there's an extended escape sequence.  In a circus.
All in all, the show has ridiculous plotlines, kind of bad animation, and 40% less Josie than the first show did.  It's not that good of a show, but it keeps me amused when there's nothing else to do before going to bed.


Alex said...

Hey, was just commenting to say that I'm getting a game from the San Fransisco library, I was wondering if you go there? (I actually live in Illinois that's why it's kind of a big deal to me.)

Michael G. said...

I get books from the San Francisco library, but it's about thirty minutes away, so I don't go there.

Alex said...

COOL! Also thanks for the great swear-free walk-throughs! And for answering my question! Keep making more!

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