Friday, February 18, 2011

Back to the Future

The latest Back to the Future videogame was released yesterday, which is kind of weird.  They never announced the release date, and it wasn't on the official list of "games that are coming out this week".  They just released without any notice.

That's kind of odd that they would release a much-anticipated game without any fanfare whatsoever, at least not on the official BttF blog that I've been following.  Maybe I've been following the wrong blog?  In any case, I won't complain.  It's a new game!

Only, now I'm complaining, because the game isn't working for me.  I've installed and re-installed the program about seven times, and I've re-downloaded the installation program about five times. It doesn't work. No matter what happens, I get a mostly-blank screen, instead of the nice "please log-in to access teh game" screen.  Even a system restore hasn't solved the problem.

My friend Nathaniel hasn't been able to play the game, either, but that's because he forgot his password, so he can't even download it. Silly Nathaniel.

Some people have suggested that they weren't prepared to release the game yet, which is why there was no announcement, and why some people are having problems getting the game to run.

Oh well.  No matter what, it looks like I'll just have to wait a while before playing the game.

EDIT: Okay, I finally managed to get the game to work!  ...Somewhat.  There are moments when the screen is totally black, and the lag is super-horrible.  Expect to see a review sometime in the future.

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Diana said...

I'm sorry! I hope you can play it soon!