Monday, January 31, 2011

Three Things

1. The promise that I would get a car this weekend turned out to be a false alarm. The car buyers went to Oregon this weekend (so they could buy the car without paying sales tax), but the car remains unpurchased. Looks like I'll have to use my roller blades from now on.

2. I am told that the Professor Layton movie has finally made it to the United Kingdom! It's not going to be released in the United States, however. Presumably, that's because a movie with British protagonists will sell better in England than in America.

I'm excited to see the movie in English, but I'm also kind of sad, because the movie uses the British voice actors, not the American ones.  So our friend who does the voice of Nancy Drew (and Professor Layton's sidekick) will not be making an appearance.  The main character's voice will remain the same, though, so the difference won't be too noticeable.

3. I watched The Incredibles over the weekend, and I don't want to sound mean, but some of the graphics look kind of...ugly.  I was looking at the plants and trees in the background of some of the jungle scenes, and they look really fake compared to what you see today.  I guess computer technology has really improved in the past seven years.

Of course, in another seven years, computer technology will get even better, and all the top-of-the-line special effects-based movies like Avatar and Transformers will look super-ugly and fake, and nobody will watch them anymore.  Does that mean I'm ahead of the curve by not watching them to begin with?  I think it means I'm ahead of the curve.


Anonymous said...

I wish i could get you a car

Diana said...

Wow i didnt know there was going to be a professor layton movie! ooh i want it now!

Kira said...

I'm sorry, but ... I love Avatar, and will probably still watch it again years from now, no matter if the graphics are out-of-date. But that's just me, haha. :-)

Anonymous said...

To Diana:
Haha! I found this Professor Layton website so I checked it out and I found out about these other games that r ONLY in the UK and Japan. And I was on YouTube when I found this movie thinking it was another game! lol :) Here's the link if u wanna watch it! Enjoy! :D
From, N.E.W.