Friday, January 14, 2011

Nancy Drew Wikia

Hey, Nancy Drew fans!  I have recently been informed that there is now a Wikia for Nancy Drew, and it is in bad need of some pages. Personally, I think they should just copy/paste things from the real Wikipedia, which would save a lot of time, but no one has done that yet.

It's just like normal Wikipedia, so feel free to help out the people there by making and editing some pages.  I must say, editing Wikipedia is loads easier now than when I did it ten years ago. We had to hand-program the links with weird formatting and things like that.

As a reward for being helpful, you get a link to a Nancy Drew wallpaper that somebody has made.  It appears to be done in MS Paint, and I think it's kind of wacky.


Diana said...

lol at the wallpaper and i will definately help if i can!

Diana said...

ooh ooh michael look me up my name is nancydrewcluecrew

Anonymous said...

The game pages on that wiki are copy/pasted from Wikipedia. I know because I helped write one of them (on Wikipedia).

MysteryMaster said...

I'm MysteryMaster head of the website. We're not aloud to copy/paste from Wikipedia, so that is why we have not.