Saturday, January 15, 2011

My 25th Birthday Party

My birthday was on Monday, but this year, we celebrated it on Friday, because Dad was out of town until Thursday.  My friends and extended family all went to play Bocce Ball.  There were about twenty of us all together, and it was a lot of fun.

For those of you who don't know, Bocce Ball is an Italian sport, and I'm pretty sure that the goal of the game is to get as little exercise as possible.  In the game, you roll one ball, underhand, down a field.  And that's it.  Repeat this for several rounds until one team wins.

There are other rules to the game, of course, but that's the basic gist of it.  Each team has five players, and each player gets one throw per round.  Points are tallied at the end of the round--whoever gets closest to the target gets a point--and the team who gets to twelve points first is the winner.

I was on the green team, and we lost the first round.  The second round was perfect.  We got five points, which is the maximum you can get in a single round.  Then, we lost four rounds in a row, in order to lose the game, 12-5.  I blame my cousin, Jackson, who messed things up for us.  Whenever it looked like we would win a round, he would take his shot and somehow we lost our lead.  It took us too long to realize that Jackson should never be allowed to take the last shot.

It was a lot of fun, because our family gets super-intense about sports.  It's ridiculous for us to get intense, because we're all horrible at Bocce Ball.  I mean, the two seven-year-olds dominated the entire game.  So it was fun for us to act like it was an important match between a group of professional athletes.

I got a lot of birthday presents.  The most unexpected one was from the Bloodmobile.  Yes, the Bloodmobile sends birthday cards!  Apparently, they're still happy that I donated two months ago.  It's generous people like me who are the life-blood of their industry!

Last year, I got a mysterious present from someone named Ellen.  She somehow managed to sneak into the building, which is securely locked after-hours, in order to give me a coffee maker.  I still have no idea who she is or how she did it.

I'm guessing she read one of my five blog entries about the incident, because she didn't give me a gift this year.  No mysterious presents appeared outside my room, except for the rosary that showed up on my door in October.  I don't know who left the rosary.  I just came back to my room after evening prayer (which everyone is supposed to attend) to find a rosary on my door handle.  No note or anything, and no one ever mentioned it to me.  Odd.  Why would someone skip evening prayer in order to anonymously give me a rosary?  It's a really nice rosary from Medugorje, and I like it a lot, but I still want to know who gave it to me.

In any case, there were no birthday presents of unknown origin this year, which is good.  The presents were nice, and the party was nice, and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.  It was a nice birthday, even if I lost the Bocce game.


Diana said...

That sounds like a really fun party! Happy belated birthday!

Sammy said...

Sounds like you had a great Birthday!

Anonymous said...

So you got the rosary?

Anonymous said...

It was a gift. live w/ it or I will... never mind!

Violet said...

@Anonymous 5:37, WHO ARE YOU?

Anonymous said...

Woah, weird timing. I meant: So you got A rosary. Sorry.