Sunday, January 30, 2011

More on the iPod Touch

Two days ago, I wrote about the iPod Touch. Loyal readers who know a lot more about these things than I do have filled in on some of the details I was missing.

First off, there are different types of iPods Touch.  The newer it is, the most it costs.  The more memory it has, the more it costs.  They're all out of my price range, though, unless I get a really, really old one with almost no memory.  I'm talking about the floppy disk of iPods Touch here.

A major difference between the iPhone and the iPod is that the phone gets Internet access everywhere, but the pod doesn't.  You see, the pod is like the guy next door who mooches off your Internet so he doesn't have to pay for it himself.  What a bum!  Unless I'm near a wireless Internet router, I can't get Internet on my iPod.

The good news is that here in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world, we've been talking about free Internet for years now.  The idea is that the government will install super-routers at strategic locations, so everyone can have free Internet.  So far, the Internet provider companies have alternated between trying to eliminate this program and trying to get government grants to create the super-routers.

I doubt that the government will provide free Internet to everyone, but if it does, this will probably be the place where it happens.  A good portion of the Internet lives here.  In fact, there's a fancy building downtown that holds the machines which contain about a third of the Internet.

After September 11th, 2001, everyone was worried about unexpected terrorists attacks.  The government came up with all sorts of emergency plans to protect major national landmarks, like Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty.  Here in California, I only heard about plans to protect two places:

1. The Internet Building, because people would panic if the Internet died.
2. Disneyland.

I'm not joking.  I never heard anyone talk about plans to protect the Golden Gate Bridge or the state capitol building or Hollywood.  I'm sure those plans were made, but people were more interested in hearing about Disneyland's anti-terrorism measures. Disney worked hard on these plans, and their theme parks are now the only non-government sites that are considered no fly zones. (Dumbo and Peter Pan were heartbroken when they heard this news).

They might have gotten rid of the Internet Building in the past ten years, for security purposes.  Besides, all of the machines there have needed to be replaced since then.  They probably were replaced and relocated at that time.

Anyway, where was I?  Ah, yes, the iPod Touch.  It seems interesting, but I still can't afford one, so I won't get one.


Anonymous said...

One of my friends (who btw, is 11) had to pay for one with her own allowance if she wanted one so....she did! she saved $410!!!! :O

Anonymous said...

Whoops!!!! I didn't mean to say "she SAVED $410"!!! I mean she saved up $410 for the iPod! lol If that makes any sense.... :/ haha