Sunday, January 16, 2011

Epic Mickey

There's a new videogame from Disney called Epic Mickey, in which Mickey Mouse goes to the evil version of Disneyland.  I've been playing this game for an hour or so, and I like it, but I didn't think it was all that epic until I came to the first battle, in which Mickey fights the "It's a Small World" ride.

Once I heard the creepy version of the Small World song, I was sold on this game.  I can't wait to see what other creepy stuff the game has in store for me.

It's interesting going through an evil version of Disneyland, but there's not too much to do.  It's supposed to be a puzzle-based platformer, but Mickey only has two different abilities, so it's pretty easy to solve every puzzle you come across.  If abililty #1 doesn't work, try ability #2.

Ability #1 makes things disappear, while Ability #2 makes things appear.  The game is cleverly designed, so you can use either ability to get through most of the puzzles. I give them credit for having puzzles that can be solved with two completely opposite actions--it couldn't have been easy to think up puzzles like that--but it sort of takes away most of the challenge when you can solve the puzzle, no matter what you do.

The game is also designed with alternating pathways that let you skip boss battles. I like boss battles, so I won't be taking those alternate paths.  There are alternate sidequests as well.  It's very open ended in this regard.  Right now, I'm playing through the game and focusing on Ability #1.  When I replay the game, I'll focus on Ability #2, which will make different things happen and open up alternate paths.

For some reason, the game so far really reminds me of the Creepy Castle level in Donkey Kong 64.


Anonymous said...

OOOh First. Michael please please make a walkthrough for this game. i'd love to hear your commontary on the game.


Diana said...

Please make a video walkthrough. I would also love to hear your commentary while fighting the small world will be singing it i assume?

Miriam said...

Aw, man. When I saw the link and noticed it was for a YouTube video I was like, yeahh, he's making a walkthrough!
Then I saw the username. :/

Sofia said...

A horror evil version of DisneyLand? Okay, whoever made that up is officially a genius. :D

Karen said...

It's a pretty good game, all though I do get to a point when I have to stop playing.

Paul said...

So it actually is kinda set in Disneyland? I wasn't planning to check it out before, but that's a total gamechanger for me.

Michael Gray said...

Yes, the game is set in Disneyland/world, with a lot of areas expanded for the sake of gameplay. There's a spinning teacup puzzle and a flying elephants puzzle, and the first level is basically an expanded version of the Small World ride.

Anonymous said...