Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This week is the first full week of classes, if you don't count the fact that Monday was a holiday.  This semester, I've got five classes, and half of them are classes I've already taken before.

First is Literature, which is a class where you read books.  I kind of got tired of English and literature during my three-year stint as President of the English Club in college. English and reading and writing are all fun, but being in charge of 200 English majors is slightly less fun.

The weird part: I wasn't an English major.
Next is Spanish 3, which is the third class in the Spanish sequence. Now we get to study the two past tenses and be completely confused.  It's a lot like English, except in a different language.

Then there's Anthropology, which involves studying different theories of human nature.  I suppose that's useful, although it seems like yet another class where we go through the entire history of philosophy and see what each philosopher has to say on the subject.  It gets kind of boring to study Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume and Kant every single semester.

The Cardinal Newman course is one where we read books by Cardinal Newman, who is a famous British person from the 1800's.  I guess with this and the literature class, there's a lot of book reading this semester.
Finally, we have metaphysics, which is the study of being. That's basically just high-level philosophy, which rarely gets used outside of philosophy.  It's interesting to ask questions like "does [insert anything here] really exist?", but in the real world, people generally don't ask questions like that. People tend to have more relaxed criteria for knowledge and existence than philosophers do.


Alex said...

Can you talk about your Philosophy class a lot? Because I kind of need help with Plato and Aristotle. Thanks if you do!

Manda said...

Yeah, you can branch out from videogames and start making walkthroughs for college courses ;)

danniyel95 said...

Wow Michael, you sure have a lot of classes, and some of then are a little borring. You must like it a lot! Good luck with then!

Diana said...

That schedule sounds fun/hard. Good luck with all of that!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your classes! I'm an anthropology major in college right now and I just can't tell you how cool it is! Once you get past the centuries of rather biased Western theories about humans, I bet you'll really love where that class takes you. Have a great semester!