Monday, January 17, 2011

Cell Phones

Recently, I've been hearing people talk about how cell phones are killing the watch industry.  Nobody wants to buy a watch anymore, because you can always check the time by looking at your cell phone.  I personally use a wristwatch, because I have three issues with the idea of using your phone as a watch:

1) I rarely carry my phone with me.
2) There are some places (like school) where you can't use your phone.
3) You can sneak a glance at your wristwatch without anyone noticing.  You can't do this so easily with a cell phone.

I guess if I was one of those people who always had their cell phone at the ready and turned on, then it would be easy enough to use it as a watch.  I still feel kind of bad for the watchmakers, though.  They're going out of business because of phone companies, even though their products have nothing to do with phones. It's like if the pencil companies were putting the shoemakers out of business.

But cell phones aren't content with killing the watch industry.  They're also killing the camera industry, because every cell phone can take high-quality pictures.  Video cameras are next on the chopping block, because it's easier to shoot a video with your iPhone than with a heavy video camera that uses cassette tapes.  Cassettes?  Film is so last century.

I'm betting the other standard cell phone features are killing industries, too.  Who would buy an alarm clock when every phone has an alarm feature?  Same with stopwatches, address books, calendars, planners, and GPS systems. I hear the music players are doing fine for now, but I'm pretty sure they'll start to feel the pinch when everyone carries their music on their phone, rather then getting a separate device for playing music.

My question is what the future will hold.  All the cell phone companies like Verizon have expanded from phones to Internet.  So maybe they're looking towards a future when cell phones are basically the same as laptops--such as the iPad--and people replace their computers with cell phones.  The phone companies have also made moves on the TV industry, so maybe they're hoping to stream TV and movies through your cell phone.

(Or maybe they just want to control everything that people see and hear and think).

In any case, it will be...interesting to see which industries are going to die in the near future.  Enough companies are dying as it is, thanks to the recession.  But the cell phones clearly plan to put even more companies out of business.


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog. I think watches and camera's are better and sometimes easier to use than a cellphone.
Ofcourse, one thing they don't tell us is who contributes into getting the resources to make these stuff.

Bekah said...

Blockbuster is doing really badly because of Redbox. More jobs lost...yay...sometimes I feel like the human workforce is being replaced by machines.

Personally, I could never keep my whole planner on my phone. It would get really annoying (who wants to hear ringing every five minutes?). So, at least really busy people like me would keep the planner business alive :)

Diana said...

I agree with Bekah. All the blockbusters by my house went out of business. not cool i still have gift cards...
seriously creating more jobs is losing as much as its creating.

Justin said...

I am a watch fanatic. Actually wearing one right now. Who says that cell phones can't become watches? Why wouldn't the cell phones keep compressing to the point where you could talk to someone on your watch?

Anonymous said...

This is depressing :(

Anonymous said...

Be POSITIVE! for example, in the future, people might become professional arglefumphs =)

Anonymous said...

my sister's cell phone is an iphone and i was looking at it and you could download netflix and all of these other things like radio and other games that you could also play on the computer. i have a cell phone too like many other people but i think it is a good thing to have in emergencies but some lose their charge fast and the thing i think they're good for is calling people. thats what they started out as anyway. they are controlling everybody's world and they are making people into robots. pretty soon even 2 year olds will have cells. i agree with you completely.

Anonymous said...

One thing is that, what if u DON'T have a cell phone??? What do u do then???? ESPECIALLY, when u r just 6 years old!

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