Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Saturday Blog Post

Okay, so the total number of questions I have for the 1000 videos blog has just jumped to...250.  This might end up being a multi-part video after all.  In any case, I hope to start recording on Monday, if I'm not too busy with finals.

One of the people who sent in questions is Megan Gaiser, the CEO of Her Interactive.  I'm a little scared to read her email.

Anyway, the comments on my blog recently have been interesting, so I thought I'd respond to some of them.
  1. Yes, the new Harry Potter movie is British. My mom and sister were excited to see the guy from Love Actually play Rufus Scrimgeour.  They like that movie, but they hate Uncle Jamie.
  2. The cool part about fairy tales is that there are lots of different versions. A 1940's researcher discovered over 100 distinct versions of Cinderella that exist in the United States.  So technically, I guess there is no "official" version of the story.
  3. I understand the "they had to split the last Harry Potter book into two movies, because it's very long" argument.  The problem is that's what I said about the fourth Harry Potter book, and they made that into only one movie.  Same with the fifth book, which is longer than the seventh.
  4. I can be fine with a movie if it doesn't follow the book.  The Wizard of Oz is probably the best example of a movie that's good, even though it barely follows the book.


Sofia said...

You received an email from Megan Gaiser? Awesooooome!

Twizzler206 said...

You got an e-mail from Megan Gaiser!!!! Maybe she wants you to do a voice for a game or wants you to be tester!!! That would be so AWESOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana said...

Wow congrats on your big pen pal! I hope its voice acting that would be beyond awesome! Make sure to tell us what she says!

Alana said...

Wow, that's pretty cool that Megan Gaiser sent you an email! How exciting... do you think you could possibly share what she has to say with us...? :)

Can't wait for your special 1000th video vlog!!

Rachel said...

It's so cool that you got an email from Megan Gaiser!!!

They were actually planning on splitting the 4th Harry Potter movie into two films but they ended up not doing (I am kinda annoyed that they didn't because they left out so much in that movie).

Anonymous said...

You got an e-mail from Megan Gaiser?! If that doesn't belong in the awesomeness category, nothing does! :D

I eagerly await your new video; I myself don't have any questions, I just can't wait to see what others asked.