Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to the Future: The Videogame


Michael is not here today. He is busy playing the new Back to the Future videogame, which was just released.  Therefore, he does not have the free time to write a blog post. Please try again later.


EDIT: Please ignore the above imitation of an answering machine. I wrote it two days ago, when I thought I would be playing the game.  It turns out that my copy won't be available until February, because I went for the "pre-order now to get the first episode for free!" deal.  Thanks a lot for not mentioning this when I signed up for the free episode, game producers.

Seriously, "get the game for free when it comes out" is such a great deal, I can't believe that anybody would pass it up.  Turning it into a "get the game for free...after we finish the second one" deal is just plain deceptive.  I mean, I probably would have paid full price to get it when it came out if I had known that getting it for free entailed a two month wait.

...And I'm pretty sure that I can't buy a copy of the game now, because the website already has me listed as someone who has bought and paid for the game.


Diana said...

wow that is terrible im so sorry!

Anonymous said...

Micheal,... Do you have an iPod touch/iPhone? If so, then you should really get the app "Antrim Escape" (1&2)!!! It's a touch and puzzle game! Kind of like Nancy drew!!! Besides, I'm extremely stuck on #2 chapter 4!!!! Please try it out and make a walkthrough for it!!!!!!! If you don't have an iPod touch/iPhone, then mind this comment, because I don't want you to waste about $100-$200 on one!,... Btw your AWESOME!!!!!!!!
(to anyone out their with an iPod touch/iPhone, I recommend it!!)

Monica said...

That sounds like awesome, sorry you don't get the game for a while...but at least you got it for free. Nice answering machine thing...anyway, I asked for a DS for Christmas and I think I got it...and there is a Nancy Drew game for it but it is not the same thing. Like different cartoon but I want it and am hoping it is similar to the PC games. Anyway Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

hey i got a question about megamanx2

in the last level before u fight zero there is a room above the screen right before the first block that moves i've got up there and it looks like there should be a capsule or something there its just too weird anyway i got up there by not getting detected by the yellow circles try it please and let me know what u think
oh also there looks like theres another one right before u go in the room where zeros at but havent checked it out yet

Anonymous said...

Ohh, that's unfortunate... but please don't be turned off of Telltale Games because of this. They're one of my favorite video game companies, and when they make a game about a pre-existing series, they're good to the series and the fans. This odd moment aside... you could always try asking their customer service. It's very prompt. And I think you'll really like the BTTF game. c: