Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Ebooks

People who have been reading this blog for a while will know that I like to edit books in my free time.  I've done 47 books so far, and they're all available for free on the Internet.
Now, I couldn't help but notice that these free books are all available to download on definitely not free prices.  Print copies are also available, at even less free prices.  In other words, Amazon is making money off of my charity work. Not cool, Amazon.

They still have me listed as the book editor inside the books themselves, which is a little odd.  They're not going to pay me for my work, but they want to give me credit for being the editor?  I'm having flashbacks to the non-paying publishing job I rejected.

In conclusion, I think Amazon should...

1. Share the profits with me. It's only fair.
2. At least give me a complimentary copy of the books.

But they won't.


And by the way, I've done more book editing! Here are the four ebooks I produced since I last talked about ebook editing:
  • Readings from Latin Verse. It's a book of poetry in Latin, with notes in English. I agreed to do this one because I wanted to work on my Latin, but I got bored about five poems in.
  • Fraternal Charity, a religious book about dealing with your brothes/sisters in a monastry (although, obviously, you can apply these skills outside a monastery). It's a short book, with short chapters. That makes for easy editing.
  • The Priestly Vocation, a book written by a British bishop who gave a series of lectures on the priesthood. I thought it would help me a lot, because I'm studying to become a priest, but it's mostly intended for British priests in the 1910's.
  • Happiness in Purgatory, a four page essay on how Purgatory isn't necessarily a bad place, even though the people there suffer.
Hopefully, the next group of books I edit will be more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, can you take some pics of your area, I just want to see what CA looks like.

Anonymous said...

hey when are you doing your vlog

Anonymous said...

I really think Amazon should pay you and give you a FREE copy of the books too, i mean, like you said you were credited for it.


Hippodameia said...

Amazon should just take the books off the site. It's not cool to make money off of something so readily available for free. It's also not cool to restrict the flow of information with someone's pocketbook.

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its very cool.

Anonymous said...

so not cool.

Anonymous said...

At least they credited you. But I agree, they should've given you something more for your work!