Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, here's an idea. My 1000 videos Q and A session is probably going to take up several videos. Why don't I start off each video with a small intro, featuring various clips from different videos?

It'd look something like this.

I think that's a good idea. Are there any clips that people would like to see featured?

Speaking of Youtube, they decided that they like me, so now I can upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes. I wonder how long my time limit is now.


Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea!!!! and i absolutely love your message in a haunted mansion walkthrough!!!


Anonymous said...

I always cracked up during your Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon walkthrough when you looked at the picture of Jake and said "that's a crrrrazy top hat."
And, of course, everybody loves the scene where you freak out about getting the note under your door in the Message in a Haunted Mansion walktrough. = )

Daniel said...

Annything that you put in the intro will be perfect Michael, you're funny in every way!

Anonymous said...

Great Intro!!
It looks like a game trailer

(which is a good thing)

Miriam said...

I think they got rid of the time limit for anyone who had no copyright problems in the past? That's what I heard.
Great intro, by the way :D I agree with the anonymous at 1:01 who wanted the "DAAAAAA!! L-L-Leave the mansion now? UAAAAAH! I'm afraaaaaid!" part in one of the intros, hehe. Might want to either adjust the volume or include a little warning message about the sudden volume spike.. >_>

Airam said...

It think it would be cool instead of a blue screen with white letters you could make a 1000th Video logo

Sofia said...

Awesome! But, like everyone else said, make sure to include you MHM scream! My little brother loves to imitate it all the time. He'll be like, "Leave the mansion now?!? DAAAAAHHHHH! I'M AFRAAAAIID!"


Anonymous said...

I think you should add the one when you got the haunted mansion letter

Anonymous said...

nancy: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!
michael:Yes i see the fire!
michael:how do i back away?!?!?!
nancy: ITS TO LATE!!!!!
sooooo fuuuuuuunnny!!!!! lol


Diana said...

I like the part in oregon trail where nancy dies...lol!
Also some stuff from other videos like legend of zelda, but mostly nancy drew...

Carolyn :) said...

Its a good idea, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Your so awesome michael, and such an awesome idea, besides, you have alot of hilarious walkthrough scenes to show off, I suggest you do the parts in order, starting with (both) secrets can kill - to - shadows at the waters egde!
And did I mention your awesome? :P
BTW your MHM scream cracks me up ever time!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think you should do some walkthroughs for the hardy boys games too cause there pretty cool exept one time i bought one and it turned out to be kinda hard but i guess you could give it a shot

Diana said...

oh i also like when you sing the "yeah yeah yeah" song in danger by design! i cracked up!

SarahRose said...

A lot of people have made videos as a tribute to you titled "best arglefumph moments" I think it would be nice in response to ask permission to use clips from those videos as an intro. (I haven't made any myself but I have seen a few)

Good luck,

Diana said...

Ooh and you should use rentaros totally awesome deer impersanation
(sorry i know i spelled that wrong)

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