Monday, December 13, 2010

Home for the Holidays

School has officially ended, for a while at least, and now I'm back home for the holidays. Things have kind of gotten off to a rough start, though.  The family dog, Snickers, was attacked by our neighbor's St. Bernard recently--something which, I'm sure, the real Saint Bernard of Clairvaux would never do.  Snickers has since gone to the vet, who shaved off the fur around the wound.  So now, Snicks has two big patches of skin on his neck, with bite marks.  It looks really weird.

The cold weather makes driving in my car a pain, because the windows take forever to defrost.  One of the windows in the car doesn't shut all the way, so the windows are always frosted over.  Also, it seems that the cold weather makes my engine rattle more than it usually does.  I'm used to it, but Dad drove my car yesterday, and he wouldn't stop complaining about how horrible the engine sounds, and how I'm a horrible person for not telling him sooner.

Yesterday, we went to get the Christmas tree, despite some horrible fog.  It was pretty amazing when we went up into the mountains, above the fog, and then looked down.  It was like being in an airplane, where everything below you is covered in clouds.  I took some pictures with my phone, but I don't know how to get pictures off of my phone, so I can't share them with you.

The tree has a trunk, as well as many branches, so I can only presume that it is a good tree.

My plans for this holiday are to do some language work, by reading a lot of things in Spanish, Latin and Greek.  The only problem is that I don't have any books in Spanish, so I'm reading stories for free on the Internet instead.  Most of them are not so good, er, I mean, muchos no son buenos.

And of course, I'll have to try to make more videos, so I can reach Video #1000 and make the fancy Q and A vlog.  No puedo esperar.


Anonymous said...

its so cold here too! right now its 14 degrees and its 30 mile per hour winds, last night it snowed (:
my sister was like "WAKE UP THERES SNOWWW, DO YOU THINK WE'LL HAVE SCHOOL?!?!?!?" and i was like "theres barely and inch, i wouldnt get so excited" she soesnt think sometimes

Anonymous said...

sorry about your dog :( and your car :(

Diana said...

sorry i get excited about break!

Anonymous said...

I don't get break until the 17th...


Karen said...

I hope Snickers is feeling better!

We just had one of the worst blizzard ( not DQ ) since Halloween, a few years back.

I had a gift card for Target and used it on the 25th Anniversary All Stars Super Mario Bros. It should arrive next Tuesday;)

Monica said...

Oh my gosh, first off I luv you and your commentary and videos but second, poor Snickers!