Monday, December 20, 2010

Ebay Shipping

Somebody should warn Santa Claus, because Ebay is being naughty and nice to me right now.

Nice: I was able to sell two games for $24.49.
Naughty: My Christmas gift for Mom, which was ordered last month, still hasn't arrived.

The games I sold were Legend of Zelda: Toon Link Rides on a Choo-Choo Train and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.  I got both of those games for free, so selling those games makes a nice little profit for me.  Especially considering that I'd probably only get ten dollars for both of them from a videogame store.

I like to think that the secret of my success is not being a jerk and charging too much.  There have been times where I bought a DS game, and the person charged twelve dollars for shipping.  Twelve dollars?  Keep in mind that the DS cartridge is about the size of a thumbnail. The game was mailed to my house in a normal envelope with a stamp.  No priority mail, no special envelope, no anything.  This happened to me several times.

My shipping policy is "it costs about $2.50 to send something across the country, so that's what I'll charge."  When I bring the envelope to the post office to be weighed and mailed, they always charge somewhere around the two dollar range. So I charge the same amount.  If it ends up costing more--which it never has--I'll just accept it as a shipping loss and move on.

Buyers get interested when they see one of the sellers charges ten dollars less for shipping than the other people do, so I always end up making a sale.  True, I've only done this four times so far, but still, it seems like a good policy.  Non-inflated shipping is the way to go.


Karen said...

I have bought from them alot in the past that includes, and I had no problems. My family on the other hand have. I think it just depands on the seller.

We had a promlem with Amazon once. She (Mom) pre-orderd me a ds game as a gift, they lost it somewhere in their factory or something like that. Had to get the game from Target but at lest she got her money back. I well shop there again but I well not be pre-ordering from them again.

Anonymous said...

whats your ebay account name?

Diana said...

I like amazon generally. I ordered my phoenix wright art book from there and it was perfect! I dont have alot of experience with ebay so i cant judge it.

rizziman33 said...

Nice selling system. Maybe I can do the same and save for a 3ds. Hmmmmm...

Airam said...

Read the fine print next time, check the shipping amount then it will be better and you won't get scammed for shipping