Friday, November 19, 2010

The Weird World of Weather

I'm back!  Kind of! My temperature is a little high, but at least I can leave my room and do something besides lie in bed all day long and watch my 6teen DVDs.

The weather here in California is still being weird. Earlier this week, we had a warm front which threw the temperatures up into the high 70's.  A warm front in November? I'm pretty sure this will kill our chances of getting snow this year...for the 200th year in a row.

Thanks a lot, global warming.

Anyway, I know that the weather here is really warm compared to somewhere like Minnesota (which is 35 degrees right now), but it feels really cold now that the warm front is moving out.  It's in the 70's right now, so everyone has large afros and they listen to disco music and...wait, wrong '70's.  What I meant to say is that the weather is dropping back down towards the '50's for the first time this year, so everyone's cold, and no one is having fun.

Plus, it looks like it'll rain soon. I hear that in other places, it rains year-round, but here it only rains during the winter. So, to make up for not raining in spring, summer or fall, it rains four times as hard.  Ugh.  The worst part about the rain is that it freaks out all the people who live here, and it causes huge traffic jams everwhere, guaranteed. Then all the local news stations show footage of people trying to drive through the floods.  When you flip through the channels, it feels like you're watching the flood edition of America's Funniest Home Videos.

Hopefully, the rain will be lighter this year, because it was raining during the summer, which is just plain weird. In any case, I'm pretty sure the weird weather is going to continue until further notice.

...Wait, did I just write a whole blog post about the weather?  I must not be 100% over my fever yet.


Anonymous said...

u watch 6teen!?!?!?! I LOVE that show!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope u feel even more better!!!! Haha! ;D U guys r LUCKY with the weather!!! Here, there's already TONS (about 10cm)of snow, the temperature is -26 degrees Celsius and the wind shield is -36 degrees Celsius!!!!!!!!!! *Icicle hanging from nose* :/ I'm SOOO glad we have a furnace!!!!!!!!

Sofia said...

You watch 6teen? Awesome. Love that show. That and Total Drama, of course. Speaking of, I put a list of the Total Drama World Tour songs from my least favorite to most favorite on my blog. ;]
I hope you feel 101% better! And..I hope the weather gets better.
Oh, I just rhymed!
Wait...I just rhymed better with better.

Darn. So close..

Diana said...

I love winter...of course that may be because i live in california... hmmm

Anonymous said...

Well, Diana, I love winter too, and I live in the midwest!

So glad you're feeling better, Michael! :D


Anonymous said...

Funny, that part about global warming :P We keep getting longer winters in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Dude. It snowed already in some parts of Wisconsin. Be thankful!

Airam said...

Hope you get better soon!

Kira said...

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so it rains pretty much ALL YEAR. Now the weather people are predicting snow, which is always a treat. :-)

Anonymous said...

I live near D.C. and it's 37 degrees right now, but I'm glad because I LOVE cold weather, just like my dad. He wears shorts in the snow, though, which I wouldn't do.

Anonymous said...

Hope ya feel better!

Balin said...

My home state, Connecticut, has already had quite a bit of snow. However, I'm in college in North Carolina. Very different - it's warm and sunny right now.