Monday, November 15, 2010

Three Things

1. It's the Total Drama World Tour finale tonight, and I am intereseted in seeing who wins!  Will it be Heather, the queen of mean? Alejandro, the series' biggest evil manipulator?  Or will it be Cody, the likeable underdog who has no chance of winning?

Edit: I'm rooting for Heather. She's been the main character this season.
I'm guessing that there are multiple endings to the finale, just like in the last two seasons.  Plus, there's a mystery video called Alternate Ending floating around on the Cartoon Network video webpage. So if I don't like the ending they show on TV, I'll pretend that the alternate ending (with a different winner) is the real one.

2. Is it just me, or is it crazy hot right now? I feel like I have heat stroke, just like I did in February.

The weird thing is that it's about 75 degrees here, so everyone else is wearing long sleeved shirts and sweaters because they're cold.  But I feel like I've been having hot flashes all morning.  I want to lie down with a wet rag on my forehead for a while, but I can't because I have class.

I sure hope I'm not sick.

3. Question time! I was talking to people at breakfast, and they think meal time is family time. In my house, we generally hang out with each other all the time.  But in other houses, the family members only see each other during meals.  Which schema is more common for you--seeing your family members all the time, or seeing them only at meals?


Carolyn Sacha said...

I see my family all the time, and we usually don't eat together anyway.

Anonymous said...

Seeing my family all the time, most days, except for my dad who I only see after meal times (dinner).

Anonymous said...

I see my family always exept for school. Your a total drama fan me too!:) I think Heather is going to win or Alejandro not Cody (sorry all of the Cody fans out there it's just that he looks as if he's gonna lose. Heather and Alejandro so like each other trust me.
- Erika

Diana said...

I see my family mostly all the time, except my dad and on occasion my sister.
I agree, Heather will most likely win.

Sofia said...

I am OBSESSED with Total Drama!
I know who the final two is, and who wins, but I won't say ;]
Or at least, the ending for Canada I know. But I think this one will be the same.

I would have been totally fine with Duncan winning again, he's my favorite character :)

I'm fine with anyone winning, but I really don't care for Alejandro. He's evil.

Anonymous said...

My family eats dinner together, but not lunch or breakfast. We plays games a lot and talk through.

I want Heather to win.

Airam said...

I see everyone 24/7

Kira said...

Both! I see my family at home (when I'm not at school) AND at mealtimes.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not getting sick either, Michael!

People with sweaters in 75 degree weather? Wow, people in California don't know the true meaning of cold! It's 45 degrees here, a temperature that actually requires a sweater...

Ditto what Carolyn said as to how much I see my family.


Balin said...

I'm in college, so I almost never see my family nowadays. But at home, do I see them more during meals or all the time...I'm really not sure.

Oh, and I have never heard of Total Drama World Tour.

Alana said...

Even when I'm home from school, I hardly ever see my family. We're not that close-knit. I usually just stay in my space, and they stay in theirs... We've never had a "family dinner" or anything like that, just because my mom and I aren't close and my dad works nights, so he's either sleeping or at work. We aren't "traditional", I suppose.

Molly said...

I've heard of TDWT, but never had the time to watch it.

My family sees each other honestly the least at meal time, because we usually eat in our rooms.

75º with a sweatshirt? That's tank top and shorts worthy where I live! It'll take about 50º to get us into sweatshirts, but one time I was barely cold in a sweatshirt in 30º. Not to brag, or anything.

Karen said...

I eat dinner with my mom. My aunt eats in her room but the door is open. We use to eat as a family when my grandma was alive and had a dinning room, and thar was just for the holidays. The only time that I don't see them is when they work and sleeping.

Sweeters and sweatshirts during 75 degrees!! Where I live (MN) that is nice weather.

Alex C. said...

I see my family mostly all the time!(:

Violet said...

How can you wear a sweatshirt in 75 degree weather?!?! I would wear a tank top and shorts! I live in Minnesota, or like the song goes... MinneSNOWta.