Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving was a little different this year.  Generally, Thanksgiving is a big gathering of all our relatives, but four of the families couldn't make it.  So we had three non-family families come this year.  It was okay, but it still feels weird to not have the cousins there at Thanksgiving.

It was actually kind of a problem that Uncle J---- wasn't there.  He's the only one who knows how to use the weird turkey-cooker they have.  So Dad and R---- spent fifteen minutes outside, trying to figure out the weird thing.  Everyone came to the window to watch them fumble around.  Some people watch football during Thanksgiving; we watch our relatives try to follow a cooking manual.

Then we had fireworks for the halftime entertainment.

Yes, we had fireworks for Thanksgiving. We didn't have them in time for Fourth of July, okay? Besides, they were cool.

Because the food took so long to cook, we watched three episodes of Man VS Food on the TV.  That's a TV show where a guy enters all sorts of crazy eating competitions, like "eat a six pound burger in a half-hour".  One of thte little kids, Cousin Marcus, loves that show.  His parents have trouble getting him to eat sometimes, so they often have to play Marcus VS Food in order to get him to eat everything that's on his plate.

When I was younger, I used to have a Thanksgiving eating competition against my big Cousin J----.  He always won by getting in extra turkey, whereas my strategy was to get in as many bread rolls as possible.  I figured, this year, it was time for me to win my own Thanksgiving eating contest, with the epic showdown of Michael VS Marcus VS Food.  Marcus agreed at first, but then he totally backed out of the competition.  I guess that means I win by default. All right!


Anonymous said...

LOL! :D AWESOME! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Balin said...

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving! (Oh yeah, they call it "Black Friday". Don't get the point of shopping on that dayf - er, today - because everyone else is, and it would be WAY too crowded. *shudder*)

Balin said...

Wow, that typo on the word "day" (not "dayf") occurred in a most unfortunate spot. Sorry.

Alana said...

I'm jealous, I wish I had fireworks on Thanksgiving!

All my family does is sit around, eat, and watch the Lions lose haha. I wish we did something cool like that.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving Michael! :)

Anonymous said...

Fireworks on Thanksgiving! Cool!
Sounds like you had a pretty good time!

I had a rather odd Thanksgving this year too. As well as having Thanksgiving dinner (for lunch)over at my grandma's, as we have every year, we also had a second feast (for dinner) at my aunt's place. I sure was stuffed!

Happy Very-Belated Thanksgiving, Michael! :D


Diana said...

Congrats on your win!