Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Like I said last week, cultural celebrations are very popular here at St. Patrick's.  Next week is a big Vietnamese celebration, but this week, it's America Week!  Not only do we have Veteran's Day tomorrow, but we also have Thanksgiving on Friday.

Okay, so Thanksgiving isn't really this Friday, but we're celebrating it on Friday anyway, because no one is around during Thanksgiving Break.

For Thanksgiving, we decorate the cafeteria, invite other people over, and we have a big meal.  Here's a picture from last year's Thanksgiving celebration, to show you what I mean.

(click picture for larger version)

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I set up an American table in one of the hallways here.  For ten years, my family held a Fourth of July parade in our neighborhood, so we still have a lot of America-based decorations.  I covered the table with flags, an Uncle Sam hat, and the ten-year photo album. I also made a poster that shows all the American saints--that's right, both of them are on the poster.  People seemed to like the display, or at least, they liked going through the various pictures, so I'm going to call it a success.

Speaking of pictures, here's the angel picture I used to decorate my Irish table last week.  I drew it myself:

(click picture for larger version)

It's not bad, but I forget why the two wings don't match.


Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving michael please make the deaths viideo for saw one death is if you ask miwako to translate the paper about kasumi's death she say's you have no right to have this then you get a game over sequence

Diana said...

Happy early thanksgiving michael! I am keeping your channel up like 24/7 to check for new vids! You are awesome and dont forget your loyal, faithful nancy drew clue crew who is waiting for your earliest convienence!

Airam said...

That angel looks kinda bored.

Anonymous said...

Nice drawing, Michael! :) I just had to laugh at the mismatched wings, though! -- J.F.