Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shadow at the Water's Edge - Bonus Videos

Here are the easter egg and death videos for Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge.

I only recorded a few of the death scenes of Nancy being hit by a board, because it takes about five minutes of waiting before the timer runs out.

Thanks to all 500 people who told me I forgot to include the drowning death.


Alex C. said...

Isn't there a death scene where the ghost-thingie tries to drown Nancy?

Kira said...

You forgot the death scene when Nancy drowns.

Diana said...

Thanks so much michael i was really excited when i saw this vid! luv it!

Balin said...

Have you noticed that since they started doing the Good News/Bad News, Nancy rarely technically dies? i.e. she just gets a concussion from a certain falling urn in POV, etc. So having her actually die in the drowning scene was...reminiscent, in a way. Which sounds a lot worse than it actually is.